New Meanings for Old RV Terms

Me spouting off again, but a few other people contributed a few items as additional meanings. -- PJ


Analytic Overlay: When some RV Guru lays the technojargon diva routine over on ya really thick.

'Too Much' break: what you need after any RV email debate.

Movement Exercise: (1) As if exercise is anything else. (2) Normally called a potty break.

Aesthetic Impact: Damn nice handwriting you got there Jon.

Aperture: A tiny hole in your forehead the signal line beams through.

Peacocking: Standard RV Guru behavior.

Confusion break: (1) That breath you take wonderingly every time you see someone reinventing RV history in their favor. (2) Time spent contemplating whether ARV violates free will.

Dimension: An infinite honeycomb of space-time; we are in one cell right now. $20 for viewing the right number assigned to the floor our elevator is stopped at. There is no feedback. Only Randi decides if you're right. Courtney can tell you what color the next dimension to the left is, though.

Feedback: (1) Usually one experience, but sympathetic taskers might just say, "What do you want first, the good news or the bad news?" (2) A slap in the face for trying to RV passing ladies' underwear. (Someone really tried this. I'm not making this up.)

Gestalt: the kind of therapy you need after too much RV politics.

Ideogram: What you do when your pen starts drying up.

Inclemencies: issues that can profoundly interfere with viewer session success. (Being psychically obtuse, for example.)

Intangibles: what we call all those alleged viewers in closets, just slightly out of reach, sight, hearing or validation.

Matrix: a complex web of marketing that weaves levels and types of training together to exactly equal all the money you've got.

Monitor: (1) The large lizard across the table from you. (2) The man in black assigned to watch you carefully.


ARV - Associative RV. People who socialize with each other about RV on the internet but seldom do it.

BRV - BackTasking RV. When you do viewing and tasking in reverse just to prove time doesn't matter a whit.

DRV - Demonic RV. (1) The method of RV your enemy teaches. (2) What you call RV after you prove to the world you totally suck at it.

ERV - Elevator RV. Kind of like elevator sex but not as embarrassing when you're caught. P.S. That feeling you're falling doesn't need to be written down.

GRV - Grumpy RV. Ghengis Gene founded this branch of RV, which PJ Gaenir and Rich Krankoski work hard to keep alive.

HRV - The style of Rebels who are no longer part of the Guild.

IRV - Intellectual RV. Pursued by people who write in a crowd- pleasing style similar to complex VCR instructions... in Taiwanese.

JRV - Jail RV. The kind you might be doing if you just go volunteer your psychic info on a crime waiting to be solved.

LRV - Lover's RV. When a viewer and an RV intell Guru take that psychic bond just a little too far. (Gosh. That NEVER happens.)

MRV - Mwaahaahaaha! RV. The soundtrack in my head that plays every time I read anything Aaron Donahue has written. [Hey. This goes with our 'monster mash' theme song!]

NRV - Narcissist's RV. Wait. Apparently enough RV will turn anybody into that. ["What I really want is the black PsiCorps gloves and everybody to fear me."]

ORV - Orgasmic RV. What RV sounds like in Morehouse's star-streaming and surging literary descriptions.

ORV - Calabrese's media stories. Also known as "Sex in the Siddhi."

QRV - The Psychic Shopping Network.

SRV - Sleep Remote Viewing. Practice before bedtime teaches you this.

TRV - I came up with so many ideas for this one I can't decide. Some were funny but I feared would look like I was picking on its method or people, when really it was just a convenient first letter. ;-)

URV - Unknown RV. The method THEY must be hiding from us.

VRV - Vocational RV. That pursued by a ton of people who want to take a weekend class just so they can go teach other people for money with their new instant-expertise.

WRV - Weather RV. Might be easier than predicting the next volcano or pathogen-in-a-can. Can't be much worse than existing weather prediction.

XRV - Calabrese's most notorious tasking.

YRV - Well, it seemed like a good idea.

ZRV - Zorro RV. When viewing makes folks feel like swashbuckling superheroes out to save the world. Tends to invoke sessions with data suggesting the entire planet is about to be annihilated and only their cosmic powers of insight can save us.

ZzzzzzzzRV. Closely related to Sleep Remote Viewing.

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