Remote Viewing Haiku

The RV Oasis / pjrv Remote Viewing Haiku Contest was held in November of 2002. Over 110 entries were in the final list. It was ridiculous to choose three 'winners' from that given the variance in style of course!--but we did anyway (see below). There was a TON of just fabulous insight and creativity involved in this though. A lot of 'concise' summaries of various aspects of both RV and the field. I've listed all the entries below, in no particular order at all, grouped by author. -- PJ

Be Damned, Unless This Squiggle
Constitutes a Hit


Pen touches paper
An Autonomic Seizure
My Friends Think I'm Nuts.

-- Jason S.


Peer into your mind.
What strangeness may you find there?
Whispers from afar.


The dog wants to bark,
and the phone will surely ring,
The minute you start.


Do I see a yak?
Or will aliens attack?
Waiting for feedback!


Seeing with new eyes,
The world around us changes,
when the ego dies.


We think in symbol,
Of the mystery of self.
Within is without.


Simple magic this.
To unlearn what you have learned.
Secrets are no more.


Few will walk this path.
Why must the journey strain us?
But change always does.


Thinking and writing.
It seems that I'm addicted,
To these damn haikus!

-- Eva C.


PJ, great contest!
Soon, you will all bow to my
god-like haiku power!


Beer. Jelly donuts.
I know! It's Homer Simpson!
What? AOL? Doh!


Energy vortex.
Primal matter spinning down.
Feedback? My toilet!


Water. Motion. Plants.
Nothing much here. Gateway Arch�
I should have looked up.


Somebody died there.
Walking through the rain, I feel
her tears on my cheeks.


RV--a stargate
to other dimensions. But
no Major Carter.


Practice is boring.
Give me the magic potion--
I've been a good boy.

-- Karl B.


third parties are here
politicians cannot sleep
they tremble in fear

-- Mary S.


Ingo is the man
Of the paint-by-number plan
A stubborn icon.


Omniscience awaits
If your method's truly great --
Hold your breath. Go on. :-)


Studied omniscience
Has yet to change my vision
Dismal to divine


November's Autumn
Things change, but are the same still
Kind of like RV


My ship is sailing
Till I miss practice awhile
Bail the boat again


Harder to do it
Without constant momentum
My beliefs forget


Life gets in the way
The universe conspires, too
Against peace and time


I always make time
Every night before bed
To snore through session.

-- PJ G.


Dream skid marks friend warned.
Life saved spring's glow face I loved.
Days, nights, second sight.


Life, my tattered stick
Island dreams love in bloom seeds
Whispered love blown, drowned.


Shapes numbers sounds found
Catch tomorrow at a glance
Dreams made into flesh.


In my mind's eye, light
Cast on lilies, mountains high
Double blind bull's eye.

-- Debra


though time and space fly
I see with my inner eye
all that is tasked me


large the universe
a part of infinity
I am one small part


free from physical
escaped my mental bondage
mind soars to find truth


Me and my session
I now await my feedback
chocolate I want

-- �Kyriakos�


Blind, I draw my bow
Fleet arrow seeks the target
Damn it, missed again.

-- Sharon W.


My past holds me dear
I See shells by the seashore
RV to see me


Do you see me now
The way could hold you at bay
Yet, You could be me


If you could RV
Your vision could be of me
Or just a pine tree


Kiss my RV quips
Cover them with whipped fruit and cream
Lick, stroke, and savor dreams


R-V sights are set
To see the unseen target
Pen to paper plots


R-V to R-V
Do you know how to R-V
What do you R-V?


My view from the top
Is not like the view from Chops
Like you I R-V


Viewer desecration !
When R-V'ing this Grecian
No blinders were seen


View this with R-V
Tumultuously, With these
Royal jelly Bees'


Eating psychic pies
Is like cereal with all nuts
Chew with R-V well


Pam-E' is the name
Remote Viewing is my game
Have in-sight will see


Present your target
Will Remote View all unseen
On this world or not


Have you seen something's
Not so nice and some gross things
Was it true R-V


So it was R-V'd
That feeling, you see, or hear
That storm, that roots fears


Oh so true R-V
Views, not so nice and ill things
Escape is not here


As I sit and link
I Remote View in a wink
All's not as you think

-- Pame L.


Through the depths of mind
Happy places can be found
When Traveling through time


What is forbidden
by society can be
Reversed by RV


At RV Oasis
Magic treasures can be found
And visions unfold


At RV Oasis
Magic treasures can be found
And visions be told


PJ's group meets here
A feisty world of wonder
RV despairs shared


PJ's group meets here
A feisty world of wonder
shared stories compared


Closed eyes, open minds
Secret journey's are our plans
Man's destinations


Closed eyes, open minds
Secret journey's in our minds
Our destination


RV is a gift
An Ultimate Time Machine
Past, Present, Future


RV is a gift
An Ultimate Time Machine
That opens new worlds


Relax, Breath Deeply
Stolen Moments can be found
Through Remote Viewing


Relax, Breath Deeply
Stolen Moments we can find
Through travels of mind


RV is Top Speed
It shows Wonders of the mind
Unveiled in all time

-- Arlene D.


RV is our style
Using sight, yet double blind
We see naught yet all


Tempers flare, oh no!
Yet sanity wins the day
I'm lead to believe.


Birth, death, sex and sin
Is there any thing sacred?
We've not decided.


There is a problem
every one disagrees, so
quote Joe as he knows


I know the best way.
No you don't, I know the way!
No, it's me who knows!

-- Elizabeth H.


Eye so keen and fine
Thru dimensions unknown fly
And the target gleen


Liz nails the essense
of all RV lists with these
wonderful Haikus !

-- Bill P.


Aliens, Bigfoot,
secret Oval Office trysts:
CRV taboo


Only in RV
can toothpicks and redwood trees
be the same damn thing

-- Prudence C.


Imagine beauty
love makings glorious flow
unites one to many...


Lovemaking charms glow
psi blows to technicolor...
delicious warm flight


primordial imperative
Universal Mother


Tiny wet one moves...
experiences all


Child X looks without
Eyes too large for tiny face...
tight squeeze all the way


Senses overloaded...
Goddess/gods everywhere...
Creating magic


I see me at 5...
Sweet... hopeful ...mesmerized
Watching Grasshoppers


Yearning for unknowns
Desire for our roots...secrets
Truths smell different


Ego, my best friend
Ego, let me treat'm harsh
Yet springs eternal


Self an illusion
Many selves do forthwith view
Getting to know me...


waves confuse Earthfolks sueno
view's disillusion


vibes pervasively pierce
pretzelizes some


I call to myself
Dawna? ..'one of them'...stood out
sighting conjuror


Far seeing visions
probabilities abound
Theta dreams flow in


Great promise for psi
serendipitous shimmers
TAO is operative


Religion sucks sour
when sin is running rampant


It comes through gently
effort must lightly subdue
flow hedonistic


Mind/ coexist
thoughts circumambient
peals back seraphim


And I said to me
Dear self ...please don't let me down
I need your guidance


Confusion reigns
Truths smell different than lies...
head cold anyone?


What comes around ...goes around
Please pass the peace pipe ?

-- Dawna W.


Relentless testing
and retesting. Statistics.
RV as science.


Relentless testing
and retesting. Statistics.
RV *is* science.


I dance Tiferes,
singing songs of splendour to
the cities of gold.


You view me and I
view you, there's no way I can
undo what you do.


Cold winds blow outside.
Stuff is piled up on my desk -
analysis time.


Verbalize! The time
has come to take over the
RV-friendly skies.

-- Rocheleh


Etheric whispers
On a windy winter's night,
Beckons me farewell..


Surreal winged visits
Caught in space; gazed by an eye,
Etheric journeys.


A distant roaring,
Brilliant flashes from above,
A circle of wood.


Workings of the mind,
If you find the switch inside;
Door will open wide.


Intent in rv,
Finds the target you shall see.
Focus all you can.


True rv it's not,
If the double blind is gone.
Know that this is true.


Fear of psi
Is a problem can't you see.
How is it released ?

-- Ken B.

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