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ART = Art Bell.
LYN = Lyn Buchanan.
JOE = Joe McMoneagle.
PAUL = Paul Smith.
CALL = A caller.

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ART Lyn Buchanan, Joe McMoneagle and Paul Smith. Gentlemen, we left off at an interesting point. I had asked whether anybody had remote viewed Jesus. Was he on this earth? Was he the son of God? What do you know, if anything?

LYN This is Lyn. {ART: Yes Lyn.} I had started an old war story here... I had been doing the bad guys for weeks and weeks and I went into the director and I said look, just once, give me Mother Theresa or Bozo the Clown or something, these targets are killing me. And the answer was, you're a soldier, suck it up, do your job. However, a couple of days later I went in and the monitor took the sealed envelope and said 'the target is a person'. I started the session and my first comment was, "Whatever you think this guy did, he didn't do it." {Paul laughs.} And as the session went on, I just got this glow from being in contact with this person. And at the end of the session, the monitor opened up the envelope and there was one word in the middle of the page and it said "Jesus." Well, I didn't establish in that session whether or not Jesus was the son of God, or whatever. But in that way, I feel honored to have met the most holy person I have ever met in my entire life, and one the meeting of whom I think, I think changed parts of my life. That one session I think was a turning point for certain parts of my life.

ART Wow. That's very significant. So you established that there was such a person. Would you say that much?

LYN Oh yes, uh huh.

JOE This is Joe. I would support what Lyn just said. I have had the experience of, if you could call Jesus a target, I have had the experience of doing some information in that regard, and likewise, I have also had the experience with the other great prophets as well -- Muhammed, Buddha, some of the other great religious leaders, and there's a great deal of similarity in most of them, and a great deal of similarity in the original constructs that they've delivered. I do find that over history however, my information has shown that mankind has altered considerably some of those messages.

ART Do you see all of the ones that you mentioned as being from the same creative source?

JOE Absolutely. This is Joe, I would say absolutely. They're, if you could refer to this Being as an energy, you would have to say it all comes from the same source, the same as man comes from the same source.

LYN This is Lyn. People quite often ask me if in doing the remote viewing I have changed my, you know, become disenchanted with religion and my answer is always, No, if anything I have become more religious and more dedicated to the spiritual side. My views have changed against the church, about the church {ART: I understand.}, but, you know, the organized church --

ART But if anything you would all say you have become more spiritual?

JOE Absolutely. This is Joe. I would have to underscore what Lyn said and agree with a hundred percent.

ART Paul?

PAUL Yeah, I'm actually a Mormon, and some people ask, well has this affected your beliefs, you know, negatively, and in fact it's done just the opposite, it strengthened my beliefs in a lot of the principles that I learned growing up, and it's amazing how it all dovetails with things that you've learned or always knew somehow, you know.

ART It's eery listening to the three of you agree like this. {PAUL: It happens so seldom! {Group laughter} LYN: Remote Viewers do agree now and then.}

ART Does anybody know why it was called operation STAR GATE in the first place? I've always wondered.

LYN Yes, they went around the office taking names. They said that on that one, they said that we would have the opportunity to pick our own names, and the pool we got together, I think the best name that came up from it was STAR GATE. That was the only time we had the chance to pick our own name.

ART When was that?

LYN That was in, ah, I'm horrible with dates, that was in '90 -- um,'86 --

ART '86?

PAUL Hold on, hold a second --

LYN No, it wasn't --

PAUL He IS horrible with dates...

LYN I really am, yeah.

PAUL STAR GATE actually -- the program actually started out in '78 as a, its name then was Gondola Wish. The military has a way of picking code names where they just kind of randomly select two names and put them together, and that's the way the program was named for the first while. GONDOLA WISH and then it turned to CENTER LANE in the early 80's --

JOE No, it was GRILL FLAME next, Paul.

PAUL I'm sorry -- well, GRILL FLAME actually was kind of the umbrella name, DIA -- yeah, well, but Joe is right, it did have a name of GRILL FLAME for awhile, and then CENTER LANE, and then SUN STREAK was its name in '86, when it went from Army INSCOM to DIA --

LYN I'm sorry, let me apologize here, SUN STREAK is the one where we chose our own name.

PAUL We don't know how STAR GATE came about. That happened probably '93 after all of us were gone.

ART Alright, well in the interest of stopping this, {group laughter} the reason I asked is because there was a movie as you all well know called StarGate, and I was wondering if your name might have been the genesis for that.

LYN I seriously doubt it.

PAUL Actually there was a -- this is Paul again -- a science fiction novel written by Andre Norton oh, probably 30 years ago maybe, called StarGate, that had to do with a device that you could walk through and it put you on another planet {ART: That's right.} and I suspect they may have got the name from there.

ART That's what I thought... Alright --

JOE This is Joe. Can I just throw in a comment -- I don't want, you know, people read detail out of this and a lot of misconceptions grow from it. I was a member of the project until its termination in November, albeit I was working on the science and research side of it.

ART Were you surprised at its termination?

JOE This is Joe again. Yes, I was. In fact, the AIR report supports the realization that there probably is something to remote viewing and that probably, that psychic functioning does exist and that it is probably of some value. Their actual comment with regard to the unit was that they found that there was not sufficient evidence that it was supporting intelligence. However, historically, that's not a reality. The actual project was literally approved on a year-to-year basis, based upon what it _was_ doing in terms of support to intelligence, the intelligence community at large, and based on those findings by oversight committees during that entire 19 year period or 18 year period, it was approved based on the effectiveness.

ART Well you say year to year on the effectiveness, so, um, then after 20 years of approvals, how did they suddenly decide it was a failure?

JOE Well, they, essentially they reviewed the last year only. They were directed to review the entire 20 years, which was an impossibility in the three month period that they were given to do the review. {ART: Ah...} Secondary to that, the people actually doing the review did not have the appropriate clearances for accessing the grand numbers of files, probably 90-95% of the project was never reviewed, they were never allowed access to it. Also, there was some very specific marching orders given to the scientists initially on what they would review. So, it was a stacked deck. It was a bogus report. {undecipherable word}

ART Alright, I must ask this, and so I will. From Arkansas, "Art: Ask your guests outright: Are their aliens? Are there ET's here on Earth, or in our vicinity, or at all, if so where, and who knows about it? I believe you'll be surprised at the answer if they are honest." {laughs} {someone laughs, 'What a setup...'} What a setup. Alright, what about it guys?

PAUL Let's start with Lyn, go ahead Lyn.

LYN Oh. OK, I am firmly convinced that there are.


LYN Do I need to elucidate Art?

ART Well I -- wouldn't dare stop you --

LYN I'll pass it on to someone else first.

ART OK Lyn, you say there are, anybody else?

PAUL This is Paul. I'm convinced there are myself, based on remote viewing. To the degree and extent -- what their involvement is with the human race, I'm not even gonna venture opinions on that, I think there are too many opinions already {laughs} as far as that's concerned, but I am convinced that there are what we would call aliens and what we would call extraterrestrial conveyances, you know, UFOs so to speak.

JOE This is Joe. In my response, I'm gonna be probably a little more specific. One of the problems I have is the definition for 'alien', and there's a lot of constructs that immediately jump to mind when someone brings that subject up. I believe, based on my remote viewing and my experiences, that UFOs are real. Let me say that up front. I have _not_ seen any evidence that there are aliens associated with UFO phenomena, I have not seen direct proof of that. However, within the context of aliens, I would have to say that also based on my experiences, I believe that there are entities that people would perhaps call aliens, but that doesn't guarantee that they're extraterrestrial, they could be essentially time travelers; extradimensional projections; they could be almost anything {ART: Sure.}, and I don't think we possess sufficient proof to say one way or the other yet what they might be.

PAUL Good answer Joe.

LYN Yes very.

ART However, all of you agree there's certainly something out there other than us.

JOE This is Joe again. This isn't a new issue Art. This has been around for 2000 years that we know of, and it will continue to be around, because those are simply experiences that people are having. And while we may not be able to say very much specifically about it other than 'they are experiences' doesn't mean that it should not be properly investigated or looked at. What happens unfortunately, is that a lot of the data is mixed with disinformation or it's collected improperly or poorly, and we wind up with some very interesting concepts about it, but we don't get any closer to the truth.

ART Alright. Are there aspects of STAR GATE that the three of you are still unable to discuss publicly?

LYN Yes. Of course.

JOE I would have to say about 95% of it.

ART Oh my god -- really!

JOE Absolutely.

ART So when they said STAR GATE is declassified, they only generally meant the fact that it existed?

LYN That's generally so, yes.

PAUL Well -- here's Paul -- the biggest body of material that's still classified deals with the actual projects themselves. And the reason for that is not the connection with remote viewing, but the connection with other intelligence sources and means. There is material in some of that, some of those projects, that could potentially harm our intelligence collection capability, it might disclose the existence of some human source that we have {ART: Human asset...} and put them at risk, or you know, there's a lot of stuff in there that isn't even involved with remote viewing that is sensitive and important to American security.

JOE I would agree with that.

ART You made a rather startling statement, one of you, that Ed Dames you felt disclosed some classified material before its time.

LYN This is Lyn. {ART: Yes Lyn.} Not only on a few TV shows, I think there's one called "The Other Side" or something like that, and radio shows, but also, I was down in Atlanta one time, working with a student, and I had the chance to meet a person named Courtney Brown {ART: Mhmn.}, who was going to put out a book. This book was about the STAR GATE project, and he asked me to take a copy of the manuscript that he had and read it. And in the first chapter of the manuscript -- now remember, everything was still classified, highly classified -- in the first chapter of the manuscript was the list of names of all of the Viewers. I went back and I said Courtney, you can't publish this, and you know, if you do they'll confiscate your book or something, and anyway, I got him to take that first chapter out. I asked him, 'Where did you get this information?' and he said 'Well I got it from Ed.' Um... when I was a kid watching the old WWII movies and all, I knew that the absolute worst treason that any agent could ever do was give the names of the other agents {ART: Of course}, I mean, you bite the cyanide pill and die before you do that, and yet, here was the entire list. For the purpose of being _published_, while this was still a classified thing. Now the reason that upset me so much was because of another incident where Ed at a meeting had gotten up and told what I had done against Hussein, and I called him on the phone and I said, 'Ed, these are crazy people with guns! And I've got a family here.' And he just blew it off. Well the only purpose I could find for giving those names to Courtney to publish in that book while it was still classified, deals with the idea of targeting for remote viewing. If you have a name, basically you have an 'address.' The history of Russian parapsychology has been more aimed at remote influencing than remote viewing or data collection. And I -- I could still find no other reason for giving that information to Courtney than to have something happen to us. And that upset me very much, and I stayed around while Courtney not only took the first chapter out, but also deleted it from his computer, I wanted to make absolutely certain it was completely gone.

ART Hmmn. I take it you gentlemen are somewhat familiar with the Courtney Brown episode that unfolded on this program with respect to Comet Hale Bopp? {They all say yes, while clearly smiling.} Anybody have comments on it?

LYN I think he was set up for a trap and fell into it.

JOE This is Joe. You know I -- I really enjoyed his book Cosmic Voyage, I think it was a wonderful book. I guess one of my problems is, whenever someone needs to use remote viewing to validate their perceptions in a way that creates possible irresponsible panic or problems for the listening viewers, then they're possibly playing with some ethical boundaries that need to be underscored, or looked at.

ART Alright, Ed Dames has complained -- bitterly -- that Courtney Brown modified the original protocols that you all suggest that you have maintained fairly closely, the military protocols. And I would like to ask if there's any basis to that, but look guys, we're at the top of the hour, anybody here have to bail out, or can you stick around a little bit?

PAUL I can stay on awhile.

LYN I'm in for it.

JOE I'll stay awhile.

ART Alright, done. Then there they are. This is kind of a gathering of the eagles, something you will not frequently hear, perhaps never has been done before, I don't know. My guests are Lyn Buchanan, Joe McMoneagle, and Paul Smith, all three in the military project known as STAR GATE. I'm Art Bell, and this is CBC.


ART A gathering of eagles. From project STAR GATE, the military's remote viewing project, my guests are Lyn Buchanan, Joe McMoneagle and Paul Smith, all within several hundred miles respectively of what used to be home base in our nation's capital. And we'll get back to them in a moment.


ART Lyn Buchanan, Joe McMoneagle, and Paul Smith, all once again back. Gentlemen, before we get started, I'd like to ask you, my webmaster is listening. We've got a link right now to the home page for Controlled Remote Viewing. If you would like any other links up, say so now and we'll get them up right away.

  • {Transcriber note: I didn't include this part of the conversation, but here are the related web sites for these men:

    Leonard Buchanan, of Problems > Solutions > Innovations
    His related page is: The Controlled Remote Viewing Home Page

    Joe McMoneagle, of Intuitive Intelligence Applications
    He is an associated of The Cognitive Sciences Laboratory

    Paul Smith, of Remote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc.
    His related page is: The RVIS Home Page

    End of notes.}

ART Can any of you remote view the day when these damn WorldWideWeb addresses will get shorter and easier? {group laughter} We will get those up.

ART Now, before we leave the subject of aliens or dimensional beings or whatever it is you all sense and agree would be out there, one obvious target in this area would have been the Roswell episode, and I've got a person faxing me from Los Angeles saying, "Somebody must have tackled that one. Has anybody looked at Roswell and if so, what have you determined?"

JOE I can respond to that first I guess, this is Joe. {ART: OK Joe.} I had a private client who actually targeted me against Roswell, and at the time of course I was totally blind to the actual target, and what I produced was essentially a very accurate description of the location that was being targeted in Roswell which was the believed crash site. There were some indications that there probably was an incident there but it did not involve an alien craft, it involved a possible midair collision between some earth-bound traffic. And probably involved some materials that were sensitive.

ART And hence, then of course the story about the weather balloon.

JOE Yes. The data I had did not specifically match a weather balloon, but it did indicate that there was probably an event, but it was probably not alien associated.

ART Joe, a fax for you from Orange County, "Art, in reading Joseph's book MIND TREK, which by the way I thought was a great book, he talks about a stage in which he sees creatures, or ghosts, or spirits..." and the person wants to know, "Does everybody who remote views eventually get there?"

JOE In regard to what they're referencing are some chapters in there where I was discussing my interaction with what you might call entities... that, this took place essentially as an experience outside of remote viewing, I want to make that very clear. While these may have been a personal experience that I think is valid, they were not, this information was not obtained vis-a-vis remote viewing. I believe, it's my personal belief based on 19 years of participation in the project and the remote viewing that I've done, it's my personal belief that we are by nature essentially existing in two worlds, one foot in the physical and one foot in the spiritual, and to ignore the experiences from the spiritual side would be tantamount to cutting off the left leg, so to speak.

ART Alright. Well then here's another good question. Other than the remote viewing of Christ, can any of you or do any of you, aside from your personal religious beliefs, in the context of remote viewing, is it possible to confirm that there is life beyond the physical?

JOE I will answer that, this is Joe again, in my opinion yes. But it's not life as we know it in the physical, it's obviously something else. And I believe that we do have frequent interactions with what might be termed as entities or spiritul beings, and that they have profound impact on us as spiritual Beings ourselves, in that those types of experiences, because of the profound impact of them, have exactly the same effect as if you were run over by a Mack truck in the physical world, so they should be paid attention to, and that's up to each individual, what they do with that.

ART Alright, this is for all three of you, in the process of learning, or in the process of remote viewing, is there any danger to the remote viewer?

PAUL This is Paul. Um, I don't think so. In my entire time with the program, I never experienced myself or heard of anyone else experiencing anything else we consider dangerous. I know there are claims out there to the contrary, but you know, I just don't know where that's coming from.

ART Well, dangerous to the psyche of the remote viewer, in other words, that you might see things for example that would drive a person over the edge.

LYN This is Lyn, could I jump in here for a second? {ART: Yes.} For each person, when you establish a sort of contact between your conscious and subconscious mind, sometimes there are things that your subconscious and conscious have been waiting for 20 years to say to each other, and there's a period of time generally when a person gets very sensitive, very reactive to things, fly off the handle easily and so forth, but that gets over with. Any real danger that comes to a person I think is basically caused by the fact that the subconscious is harboring a danger that is then let loose. I have never had any, or even actually known any, person who has had a remote viewing session where the session itself or the target itself had a danger to the viewer. I think what you carry into the learning process for remote viewing may be a danger to you, but that danger's been there all along anyway.

JOE I'd like to add something to that Lyn. I agree with what Lyn and Paul have both said. I've never had a bad experience from remote viewing. But I'd like to underscore the fact that this is a very interesting experience, remote viewing, or being psychic, and there are a lot of people that are on the edge to start with, and when they're exposed to the rather radical changes in their beliefs or their constructs, it can be very undermining or damaging to the psyche, and there is evidence that a lot of people do sort of step off the edge and lose touch with reality, in other words, they become pretty much involved or caught up in the irrationality of it, or they lose their stability or ability to deal skeptically with the material and what's going on.

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