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Transcriber notes: 1) Items in {brackets} are transcriber notes, and/or guesses about a word that is not fully decipherable. 2) This is not verbatim. The 'ums and ahs' were too extensive, so I simply typed out what everybody 'ended up' saying. Otherwise I believe this document is complete.


ART = Art Bell.
LYN = Lyn Buchanan.
JOE = Joe McMoneagle.
PAUL = Paul Smith.
CALL = A caller.

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ART If I were to come to you Lyn, and I was going to be blatantly honest with you, and I said, "Look, I wanna learn to remote view, I wanna use my skill when I acquire it to play the stock market, to make myself a whole bunch of money, to use my remote viewing skills in any way I can to enrich myself financially." And I laid out, plunked my money down on the table, would I be one of your students?

LYN Yes. I see nothing wrong with that. You're not hurting someone. Now I draw the line where people get hurt. In fact, if you were successful at really doing well in the stock market, I might you know, become one of _your_ students! {they both laugh}

ART Well everybody's obvious question is, if remote viewing is possible and you can target the stock market, then why aren't you guys really rich? Is that a fair question?

LYN That's a fair question, and let me answer it with a question: If you yourself could target the stock market and you were making all kinds of money, how many people would you tell about it?

ART Ummmmm.... that's true. That's absolutely true, and then, if that knowledge became public, another question is, what would it do to the entire market structure, period?

LYN I think it would do all kinds of damage.

ART So, even if you are making a bunch of money and you've got a bunch of numbered accounts in Switzerland, you wouldn't talk about it.

LYN No, I wouldn't.

ART {laughs} Alright. East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Lyn Buchanan. Hello.

CALL Hello. {ART: Hi, where are you?} I'm in St. Louis Missouri. {ART: St. Louis, alright.} I was with the CIA program in 1978 and doing some remote viewing. I didn't continue with the program. I did prepare a learning program for them, which I don't know whether they ever used or not, maybe Mr. Buchanan does. Most of my work has been in remote viewing the future, you may be familiar with my --

ART Well give -- ma'am, enough specifics of your program so he might be able to recognize it.

CALL I trained in small increments in learning remote viewing one step at a time, there are many ways to begin this, but the program I developed in the 1960's is one step at a time, very small jumps to larger jumps, handling colors, sealed envelopes with numbers in them, to time jumps, you may be familiar with my prediction of the O-ring failure that led to Challenger, that was on, matter of fact that was on A&E last month. And we have used this in the stock market. Very successfully.

ART You -- wait, wait a minute -- please, stop for a second. You're saying that you remote viewed the O-ring problem in the Challenger explosion, and that --

CALL Before, in 1981.

ART -- and that was on A&E?

CALL Yeah. 1981 that was. I can send you the documentation on it if you'd like.

ART What is your name?

CALL {pause} My name is Beverly Jaegers. {sp?}

ART Do you know this lady?

LYN No, I haven't heard the name. Now, that was in '78 and I didn't get there until '84. Now, when I got there I took over an existing database, I didn't see any information about the use of it --

CALL Did you do any work with colors?

LYN We've always done work with colors, yes.

CALL And numbers?

LYN Numbers have always been a problem, but we've tried.

CALL How 'bout rocks?

LYN {pause} Rocks?

CALL Inductors. Targets.

LYN Uh... well no, huh uh.

ART Alright, well maybe then some of what she did was a genesis from some of what you did, that's very interesting.

LYN Very likely so. I know that when I got there, basically Joe was holding down the fort. Now this is probably something that Joe could have answered much better than I, since he was there from the earliest years, and was a part of the beginning of the project.

ART Alright, West of the Rockies, you're on the air with Lyn Buchanan. Hi.

CALL Hello this is Patrick in Boise Idaho. {ART: Hi Patrick.} And my question pertains to the use of remote viewing in his personal life. Whether he, since developing and focusing this skill, finds himself wittingly or unwittingly say, reading family members, friends, used car salesmen, things like that? {Art and Lyn laugh}

ART Actually that's a very good question. Would it be irresistable Lyn, to do that sort of thing, apply it to important things in your personal life?

LYN It's extremely, extremely tempting, I am very careful about one thing, and that is, I still have my TOP SECRET clearance. There is an executive order which forbids the unauthorized collection of information against American citizens, and so I don't do that. You know, and won't until my security clearance runs out late next year, and then I'm seriously hoping it's not renewed. However, the sensitivity to things around you and the picking up of let's say, even beyond ambience factors, is impossible to get away from once that communication is opened up between your conscious and subconscious, it's impossible to get away from that.

ART Alright. Hold it right there Lyn, we're at the bottom of the hour, we'll be right back, good morning everybody, what a night this has become. Remote Viewing, operation STAR GATE, I'm Art Bell, and from the high desert, this is the independent CBC radio network, as they say, don't touch that dial.


ART It is, and I'm not sure you're ever going to hear a program like this again. Exactly quite like this, to be sure. Lyn Buchanan has agreed to stay the entire time. So. We're dealing with a five hour program, a full five hour program. If you would like a copy of it, and I do this for two reasons: to sell tapes, and because if I don't give out the number, I'm driven crazy, the fax machine goes nuts, I get email I can't possibly answer it all, to get a copy of this or any other program that we do with a guest, and with reference to this program, you can now begin calling. 1-800-917-4278.


ART Alright. One question before we go back to the phones, for Lyn: Lyn, in project -- was it called "Project" STAR GATE?

LYN Yes, uh huh.

ART Were there all manner of ranks, in other words, Officers, enlisted, was it a mixed bag, or only officers, or what?

LYN The slots were all basically -- when I came in -- were all for officers. Mel Riley had been there before; right after I came in, another person whose name is still not publicly known, her first name is Dawn, came in and she was a sergeant as well. She left I guess about nine or ten months after that, and then later, I think around '86, Mel came to the unit, for his last hitch before retirement. All of the other slots were either civilian or officer. When I went in, I took the slot of database manager, which was a warrant office position that Joe had left; I also was property book officer, and you know, we all wore many hats.

ART Sure, yeah, in a small unit I would imagine that would have to be true.

LYN Oh sure, yeah. But most of the -- well when I went there all of the slots were for officers, and it was later, after we moved to DIA, that they made a slot for Mel and me as enlisted.

ART Alright --

LYN I have one other thing to say to the last caller {ART: Alright}: I have a stack of sealed envelopes here. The way I task myself with my own targets and shuffle 'em every now and then, so that I don't know which target is coming up. Beside that stack is another stack of envelopes for missing children, murders, and so forth, and somehow when I do get time to sit down and do a session, my own targets just seem to never get done. The stack keeps growing, and the answer to that caller is, I would love to do my own targets, I just never get a chance.

ART First Time Caller line, you're on the air with Lyn Buchanan. Hello.

CALL Thank you very much Art Bell. {ART: Where are you?} I am in Pompano Beach Florida. {ART: OK.} And I would like to first tell you how much I appreciate the affordability of my ongoing education through your program. {ART: Thank you.} And I have about three questions to ask of your guest. {ART: Fire away.} Number one, is the connection that, the business that he's in, might have to the occult sciences, and by occult sciences I'm not only talking about the fortune tellers and channelers, I'm also including the Catholic religion, with the Saints and their ability to perform miracles. {ART: Alright.}

LYN What any one person includes under the heading of the "occult" is generally their own set of definitions. However, let me say that when I talk about 'occult,' I talk about people hurting people, mentally, physically, emotionally or however.

ART In other words, the negative side.

LYN Right. And --

CALL Can you tell me why you put it in that category?

LYN Because I don't want people hurting people --

CALL Why do you claim they are hurting people, there are so many people that believe in that and go to these people looking for positive answers.

LYN Well I didn't say that they hurt people, what I said was that when I define 'occult,' that's how I define it. Minus 10 points for using hackney phrases here, but when it comes to the occult, I avoid it like the plague.

CALL When you talk about the occult though in your sense of being, would you include the Theosophy society?

LYN Ah --

ART We're just -- you know we're dealing with words here, um, only, he defines the 'occult' in a negative way. There are other spiritual realms that are not negative, he simply wouldn't call them occult, I think that's about right isn't it Lyn?

LYN That's right.

CALL OK, question number two, in the future, or can you see in the future, maybe far distant maybe nearer, a religion of science that may be taught in the high schools or colleges?

LYN A religion of science?

CALL A religion of science, meaning, to include the type of work that you're doing as being portrayed maybe in the religious sense.

ART Well let's not tag the religion thing to it, let's just ask, can you envision remote viewing ever being taught in colleges and universities?

LYN Oh yes, I can see it taught as a part of the psychology, social psychology, psychiatry programs and so forth. I can't see it being taught as anything except maybe a footnote for history, mathematics is out, but the human sciences, I think it has a place in them, and I can't see it taught in grade school, but I think colleges, yeah sure.

CALL The only reason I mention the religion of science I have recently read that phrase in some of the readings I've been doing lately so I just wanted your opinion on it.

LYN Yeah well, I'm sort of confused about the meaning of the phrase itself.

CALL Well I think it was put in the sense of passively getting away from institutionalized type of religion and putting it in this category.

ART Alright. Well I -- you said you had three questions, anything else?

CALL Well that should sum it up, I guess I included {indecipherable}...

LYN Thank you.

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