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Transcriber notes: 1) Items in {brackets} are transcriber notes, and/or guesses about a word that is not fully decipherable. 2) This is not verbatim. The 'ums and ahs' were too extensive, so I simply typed out what everybody 'ended up' saying. Otherwise I believe this document is complete.


ART = Art Bell.
LYN = Lyn Buchanan.
JOE = Joe McMoneagle.
PAUL = Paul Smith.
CALL = A caller.

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ART Alright, well here's a question from Russ in California, and it's a neat one: "Please ask Lyn if he has ever targeted the period of time in which the dinosaurs roamed Earth."

LYN Not personally. That is a fairly good training target, and in fact I think maybe I have, in my early training... just as another session to see if you're on target, because we have feedback on that.

ART Well there was a, there's a second part to the question. {LYN: OK.} If so, was man walking side by side with the dinosaurs?

LYN I don't remember specifically getting that. I have always felt that a form of man was, yes, but that -- I didn't get that from remote viewing, I got that from other studies that I've done {ART: OK.}, simple archeological findings.

ART And then -- a good P.S. here -- "P.S.: Why can't remote viewers win lotteries?" And before you answer that, I would have answered Russ in California by saying, "Russ, how do you know that a lot of the winners of lotteries aren't remote viewers?" {both laugh} But you answer it the way you want, Lyn.

LYN Alright, we have people working on numbers, which is a very hard thing to do in remote viewing. There is another type of remote viewing called alternate -- um, ARV, an alternate remote viewing, which substitutes remote viewing targets for the numbers.

ART: Ah.

{Transcriber's note: A very sleepy Buchanan is clearly trying to remember the term, 'Associative' Remote Viewing.}

LYN ...and allows you to remote view, for instance, the Pick 3. Now the way that's normally done is, if you were doing the Pick 3, you have four people working, three viewers, each of which will remote view one of the numbers, and one person who collects the data, looks on the chart to see what the results mean, and goes and places the bets. It's been done, it's been done successfully.

ART Well if remote influencing is possible, how about sending Ed McMahon and the gang up my driveway?

LYN {laughs} They're coming here first.

ART I see. {both laugh} I understand that. Really I do. First Time Caller line, you're on the air with Lyn Buchanan. Hello.

CALL Yes sir, am I on? {ART: You're on.} My name is John and I'm from Rochester New York. {ART: Hi John.} And thank you Mr. Bell, and Art, I appreciate your service you're providing -- uh Lyn, can you hear me? I have a number of questions. Is it possible in the future that we will all be able to talk to each other and absorb all of the information at the same time, like a Pentium II computer?

{Art and Lyn laugh}

LYN I -- here's another place where I would say, "I hope so." I hope that we can get to the point where we understand each other better, where good intentions are realized as good intentions and so forth. I think it's possible, and I know that there are many influences that hold people back, and I just hope that those influences aren't as strong as man's desire to go forward.

CALL One of the most frustrating things is that we hear all the information coming at us and that we can't interchange it as quickly as we wish to. Do you know anything about Jane Roberts?

LYN Oh... vaguely.

CALL And also, another question, Frank Herbert wrote a book called "Dune," and the threads that M'aud Dib was seeing as far as the future was concerned... {LYN: Right, Mhmmn?} Is our future in threads, as he kind of alluded to?

ART That's a good question.

LYN Let me refresh my memory on this, it's been a long time since I read Dune. The threads mean... there's another science fiction --

CALL There are many, many multi-faceted inter-connected future tracks.

LYN Oh, OK, I was getting that --

ART Many possibilities.

LYN Right. I think so. I was getting that confused with another science fiction, which has threads dropping from the sky, and, as plant pathogens, killing all the life. There is a science fiction book out to that. I think that we'll find that there are many paths we can go down, and, now I don't know about alternate universes, as far as I'm concerned, I stick with one, and so that one is the one I'm concerned about. But I think there are many threads, yes, I think there are many paths we can go down.

ART I would be utterly remiss if I didn't pop this has to be asked question, 'cause nobody else has yet: Carl in Spokane would like to know if you have remote viewed the Kennedy Assassination.

LYN No I have not. Intentionally in fact. {ART: Really?} Yes. There are some things that people always ask about, "have you remote viewed..." {ART: Yes.} Marilyn Monroe's death, the Kennedy Assassination, OJ Simpson... I generally stay away from these, simply because you know, I can get an answer through remote viewing, but what would the purpose be? I couldn't change it. And the only purpose would be to beat on my chest and say you know, I've remote viewed this and here's what I found. And I don't do that, I keep low key.

ART Personally I think there'd be a lot more joy in remote viewing Marilyn Monroe's life.

LYN Right. Let me say one thing. If I get a remote viewer -- well I ask the remote viewers to work at least five missing children cases after they graduate the course. We find one kid, and I tell ya, they're hooked. They don't care about Marilyn Monroe or OJ Simpson anymore at all.

ART I understand. Wild Card line, you're on the air with Lyn Buchanan, good morning.

CALL Good morning. Gerald from Calgary Alberta, greetings to you. {ART: Calgary, Alberta. Yes sir.} QR77. Lyn, and Art, have you ever heard of Jose Silva method? It was mainly under mind control, but they did lots of remote viewing.

LYN Right, uh huh. Yes, and the term 'remote viewing' was basically taken by the Silva people, and is not the classical definition of remote viewing. Now, the people who do the Silva Mind work that I've met have very good results, and I say, if it works, use it. It's -- the stuff taught by the Silva group is not the controlled, situational, laboratory-provable classic remote viewing.

CALL My second question, would you favor us with one of your sharable remote forecasts, or current affairs that you could tell us and sort of be a control of your talent?

ART Alright, in other words, something that you can tell us is going to occur that will serve as a test.

LYN Well I basically already have, the results that I've been getting from the plant pathogen thing, the attack on the U.S. {ART: {sounding very depressed} Yes.} I get the impressions that it's going to be happening sometime this Spring or Fall, of this year.

ART Damn, I hate that, I -- you know, even though you feel the results will be different or more localized, hearing that from you and from Ed Dames is very worrisome.

LYN Oh it is to me too. In fact, one of the questions that I have on that subdirectory of your page, someone asked me about it, and I said that, if it shows up on the Internet, then these, what's called "Open source" intelligence gatherers, they gather intelligence from newspapers, magazines, the Internet and so on -- they have search engines, and if I speak about this on the Internet, I know that by the next morning, if I have said the word "Hussein," "Arab country," stuff like this, then that winds up in an intelligence database in a foreign country.

ART Really.

LYN And it's my hope to say these things in order to hopefully get some things changed. In other words, I hope I'm wrong. And will actively pursue anything I can to be wrong.

ART So you're -- you're trying to influence future events, actually.

LYN Through normal means. Yes, uh huh. If you see the future and it's not what you want it to be, then I have no qualms in changing it.

ART One obvious question for a remote viewer is: Have you ever thought of, or have you, remote viewed your own time of death?

LYN Yes, I have, uh huh. I find it to be, oh, a fairly peaceful death, I don't know how much of that is wishful thinking, but that's, you know, the impression I got. Now this was in a sealed envelope so that I didn't know what I was Viewing, what the target was, and basically what I got was, an old fat man in a bed with people around him that cared.

ART Well that's good result. I wonder though, about the danger of giving somebody a target of that nature. In other words, if instead of the old fat guy in the bed with all his friends around, you saw, you know, a Mack truck bearing down on you, it could have psychologically injuring, injurious results.

LYN Oh yes. I wouldn't give that target to anyone else. I gave it to myself just basically out of curiosity.

ART It's almost like slipping a little LSD into somebody's orange juice, you know. Sheesh. {both laugh} East of the Rockies, you're on the air with Lyn Buchanan, hello.

CALL Hello, Art? {ART: Yes.} You know I have a very good reason for asking Lyn this question. The woman who called, Beverly Jaegers? {ART: Yes, uh huh?} Lyn, do you know her? {LYN: No, I don't, uh uh.} Many years ago -- I have a son missing and assumed dead -- and many years ago I read about her in, I think it was the Enquirer, and I called the Lieutenant, I think his name was Kirkwood, and he got me in touch with her, and she was trying with her group at that particular time, to try to find out what happened to my son. And that's been {breaks into tears} a long long time ago.

LYN It's still hard.

CALL {crying} and... and before I die, I have to find out what happened to him... {dissolves into sobs}

ART Well, do you help people like this Lyn?

LYN Yes. Now, one of the problems that I have is this security clearance -- and for many other reasons as well -- if there is an investigation going on, especially on an American citizen, I will only work it through authorized channels. And so, if someone comes to me and says, you know, my son is missing, or I don't know what happened to so-and-so {ART: Yes.}, I will tell them, partially because I want to cushion their -- partially also because it's a necessity -- that if they will get the investigating officer to contact me, I will be glad to work the problem for free.

CALL There - there - there is no --

ART Ma'am -- ma'am -- ma'am -- listen to me -- listen to me. He just said, have the investigating officer in your case {CALL: There is none.}, the case of your son, contact him --

CALL Art, there is none, it's been so many years, the case is closed.

ART Yes but there was an original investigating officer on the case.

CALL Well he's probably retired by now.

LYN We worked a case not too long ago, last year sometime, that had been closed for nine years. And on the results of our session -- Mel, Dave and I worked on this -- the results of our session, the case was reopened, and they've been finding, I hear, some new evidence.

ART So, do that ma'am --

CALL How can I get ahold of Lyn?

ART OK, that's a good question -- Lyn, what is the best way to get ahold of you?

LYN Ah, do you have Internet access?

ART I would presume if she doesn't, she can get it.

LYN OK, I would say the easiest address to remember is, and right there is a link to my page, and on my page is my address and phone number.

ART Alright, there you are ma'am, and I might add that if you don't have a friend with a computer who can do it, you can go to a public library, and just remember my address, which is

LYN Now let me also say that right at the present time, we are heavily backed up with Assigned Witness Program cases, and so we're really bogged down until we can get more remote viewers working on these. So I hope people won't be offended if, you know, if they call and have their police department call as well, and nothing is done that day. We have a tremendous backlog here.

ART Completely understandable. West of the Rockies, you're on the air with Lyn Buchanan. Good morning.

CALL Good morning, Art? {ART: Yes.} Yes, and good morning Lyn. {LYN: Good morning.} My question for you is, could a remote viewer be tricked and fed a false remote view to cover up a secret or event?

ART Alright -- oh that is an awfully good question -- could for example another group of remote viewers somehow trick you and cause you to see something that would be utterly inaccurate?

CALL Exactly.

LYN Absolutely. In fact, on of the biggest problems in remote viewing is that you tend to do that to yourself to begin with. And there is a thing that we call, basically, the neighbor's cat -- if someone else whom you respect very much does a session on a target, and they're wrong, out of your respect for them, you will tend to find the wrong thing as well. This is one reason why I never task the same exact question to two different viewers who know each other.

ART Well, this brings me back to Ed Dames's tapes. Which generally, the group earlier, including you, seemed to agree might be, or hopefully will be, a good idea, if it works.

LYN If it works, then I'm all for it.

ART But then on the other hand, with all of those people out there remote viewing, maybe even influencing --

LYN There are going to be a lot of mistakes made.

ART A lot of mistakes will be made. And couldn't there be a sort of virtual anarchy that would develop?

LYN That's my fear; I do believe very strongly in the Sheldrake effect, and I know that the more people who learn to remote view correctly, the easier it is to learn to remote view correctly. The more who learn to remote view incorrectly, the easier it will be to learn incorrectly. And this is my big fear with many of the quickie courses that are out there, that I'm afraid that they're going to, through the Sheldrake effect, just, you know, a hundredth monkey effect, just almost destroy any progress that's been made, simply because it'll be easier to do it wrong.

ART Yeah. Well what was your initial reaction when you heard the video tapes were going to be released at a very -- or relatively, comparatively inexpensive price?

LYN Well it was just that, I really hope it works. If there's a way that we can get people doing this, and doing it well, then I'm all for it. And if there's a way that we can make it available to more people, I think that's great.

ART Well, listen, we're coming to the end of our -- actually the entire program -- you've really been a trooper sticking it out through the whole program, it's gotta be, well the sun has to be up back there huh?

LYN Yes, looking out the window it is. {laughs}

ART Well my friend, I suspect you're going to have a lot of email to answer, and this'll keep you busy for awhile. It has been a distinct pleasure Lyn, and we'll do it again one day if you're up for it.

LYN I have really enjoyed it. I don't get the Art Bell show because I live in a steep little valley and our local radio station has the wattage of a light bulb, and I've really enjoyed this. Thank you.

ART Take care. That's Lyn Buchanan everybody, and I'm sorry, but the clock dictates we must go, so go we shall. I will remind you, as a public service, this has been probably the definitive program on remote viewing. If you would like a copy of this program, 5 hours, call now, 1-800-917-4278. Goodnight!

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