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Sunday, June 1st, 1997
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JEFF: Yeah. I think one last question to go back and sort of do a little addition or footnote if you will, to the near death experience, after death experience. Did you get the feeling during that time, or the information or the sense, pardon the cliche, that we are going to come back, as in reincartion, and do it again on this plane?

JOE: You know that's, I've had a number of discussions quite recently as a matter of fact, about reincarnation, because my follow on book to MIND TREK deals with the future, and certainly reincarnation would be a part of that. My sense is that, in my own personal view, I don't buy reincarnation, and I'll tell you the reason why I don't. It implies that time is necessary outside of time-space, and I'm not sure that's true [JEFF: Yes, I understand.], in fact, now you know, a lot of people argue, well, you don't believe in reincarnation, their dander gets up and they get very defensive, I need to state that I _do_ believe in what I call 'multiple incarnations.' It's just that I don't think time affects it. I think someone can live multiple lives, and certainly their life as say a Roman soldier at the time of Christ, might be a life that they would lead at a different time, but not necessarily -- the incarnations do not necessarily fall one behind the other in a timeline. In fact, if multiple incarnations is possible as a reality, then time is really only material to when we're in that particular body, so we could be living multiple lives all simultaneously.

JEFF: Yes indeed. What an amazing vision that is to contemplate. We're gonna break for news, when we continue, we're gonna talk to Joe McMoneagle about UFOs, aliens, remote viewing the past, or forward viewing the future, and wait'll you hear what he has to say about that. We'll have much more here in the next hour. Sightings on the Radio. I'm Jeff Rense, we'll be back.


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JEFF: And welcome back, I'm Jeff Rense, you're listening to Sightings on the Radio, coast to coast, on the Premier Radio Network, happy you're with me again tonight, a wonderful program this evening, a very favorite guest of mine, Joseph McMoneagle, America's most decorated and world renowned remote viewer, served in the military's program from its beginning to its alleged termination in 1995. In 1970 while serving overseas in the Army, if you just joined us, Joe McMoneagle had a near death experience that opened him to spontaneous psychic flashes. Later when tested at SRI International, he was confirmed as a world class remote viewer, in other words he was able to correctly perceive and to describe previously unknown people, places, objects or events. And there's much more to it than that, as you know if you've been listening tonight.

JEFF: Joe, have you ever had a UFO, a classic-type UFO experience of your own?

JOE: In fact, that happened in 1966, I was assigned to an Air-Sea Rescue Unit in the Bahama Islands in [aluthra...sp?]. And we worked in pairs there, and I and my partner at the time had a classic event. It occurred about one in the morning I suppose, between 12:30, midnight and one in the morning. We were walking to our quarters, and the island we lived on was an [out?] island, they had no streetlights or anything, so it was very very dark, and the whole area lit up like daylight, and we looked up to see what the source of the light was, and it was a very large disk that was hovering directly over us.

JEFF: How close?

JOE: It was probably, Oh I don't know, 1400, 1200 feet above us. It was perhaps the size of a football field, and it was ellipsoid. It was moving in a sort of start-stop fashion, you know, sort of a stutter kind of effect.

JEFF: This was 1966?

JOE: 1966, correct.

JEFF: Four years before your near death experience?

JOE: Right. And after a few seconds, our perception was that it shot over the horizon, and everything went back to very dark. And we looked at each other, and went back to the club that we had left, and proceeded to get really... really wasted. [laughs]

JEFF: I would think that would do it. Was there any missing time involved?

JOE: Not to our knowledge. The following morning however, we were both very badly sunburned on one side, and had the scratchiness in the eyes --

JEFF: You mean moonburned don't you?

JOE: Yeah, moonburned, exactly. They actually accused us of having gotten drunk and slept face up on the beach all day. But in fact, my partner was burned badly enough they had to evacuate him to [unclear] Air Force Base in Florida for treatment at the hospital there.

JEFF: Could you see structure in this craft?

JOE: There were discernable lines, we couldn't see any windows or anything, but there were definitely lines on it. It was -- the experience convinced me of the existence of UFOs. I think the problem comes in, I'm always asked, were they the Greys or the Silvers or whatever, we had no perception at the time of any kind of, you know, aliens or anything. It'd be very difficult to say exactly what the experience was. I do acknowledge that UFOs are very real though. And I think they probably should be investigated as a real phenomenon.

JEFF: Are you a little perplexed, and/or embarrassed, and/or ashamed, at this government's pretty obvious 50 year cover up of this phenomenon?

JOE: Well I -- it seems to me, what actually angers me a little bit, is that there seems to be a propensity within this continent, within North America, to look the other way when an anomalous occurrence happens.

JEFF: Are you being charitable, I mean they do much more than look the other way, but that's another story...

JOE: Well, you know, in my own mind, these are things that should be scientifically explored, and even if there's a secret program where information's being collected or consolidated in one place, it really is detrimental to science as a whole to keep that information from other scientists. A room full of scientists would certainly be a lot more valuable than a hand-picked few, in terms of perhaps coming to some conclusions about UFOs. There's certainly a lot of evidence from the Blue Book results, and a lot of what Hyneck published, and some of the things that Jacque Vallee has said, that I find to be extremely valuable, and would, any additional information would certainly extend our knowledge in that regard.

JEFF: One would surmise at some point in time you have been intrigued enough by this to possibly remote view the issue? Have you?

JOE: I never select my own targets, so as intrigued as I might be, in order not to be front loaded, I never select a UFO as a target. But over the last 19 years I have been targeted a number of times against UFO targets, and the results have been kind of interesting.

JEFF: Well would you be able to share any of those kind of interesting results with us?

JOE: In one case, I can't speak directly to the target I was actually remote viewing, but it was a ground-based target, and I was giving a fairly accurate description of that particular ground-based target, it was a military target, and in the processes of doing so, had a perception of something crossing my field of vision, and produced a drawing of it, and as things would have it, there were other collection methodologies being employed against the particular ground target at the time, and they did in fact capture an image of the object across my field of vision, and it was exactly as I had drawn it. And it looked very much like the UFO that I had seen in the Bahama islands.

JEFF: When you say they captured image of it, who did that again?

JOE: The intelligence, other intelligence organizations, using other methodologies.

JEFF: Such as photography, video?

JOE: Yeah, something like that.

JEFF: Okay, I understand. Any other instances that you can share with us where you may have been given as a target an off-planet intelligence, or an off-planet artifact?

JOE: Yeah, within MIND TREK I give examples of that --

JEFF: Yes, I'm looking at it right now, I just wanted to lead into it --

JOE: Yeah, there was a person from NASA who actually came to The Monroe Institute when I was there, that's a lab here in Virginia, and he brought with him a list of seven sets of coordinates. I was locked away early so that I would not possibly recognize who the individual was. And he turned the list of coordinates over to the facilitator, and they read them to me over an audio line while I was in the remote viewing booth. And I produced descriptions on six of the seven coordinates that were absolutely accurate. They were descriptions of ground features, such as pyramidial forms, structures on the surface of the planet, and at the time, since they were coordinates, I assumed that they were earth coordinates, and I thought that we had found new archeological digs of some kind, and as it turned out, they were coordinates of Mars. The NASA rep was very surprised, because he was the only one that knew what the exact locations consisted of, and he was not participant to the remote viewing, although he was allowed to listen to it remotely. He was absolutely stunned at the correlation. And in the process, the wind-down process of that remote viewing, I had a perception of humanoid lifeforms that had participated in the construction of these structures. When I put them in MIND TREK, I thought a great deal about putting them in the book, and decided that these were things that probably should be shared. One of the cautions that I added with it was the fact that, when you do remote viewing of a place that's remote, such as on Mars, it really doesn't prove anything. It remains unfortunately science fiction until someone is able to put some kind of a lander there that can verify the reality of the remote viewing.

JEFF: Right, I understand. The pictures in the book are pictures I haven't seen before, a couple of them. Figure 28, the crater with pyramid --

JOE: Right.

JEFF: I don't recall seeing that. That is another one of those pictures that you keep looking at and thinking about, how could this possibly be a natural formation? The mind tells you, my mind tells me it can't.

JOE: Right, if there really is a pyramid sitting t-- as large as this particular one is, which is probably a mile and a half to two miles tall --

JEFF: Oh it's huge --

JOE: Sitting next to the impact crater, it had to be put there after the impact crater, otherwise the impact crater would have wiped it out. Things like that. Very unique features. Not consistent with physical expectation, anyway.

JEFF: There is another one of your remotely viewed drawings, we have figure 30, the blow up of figure 86A07, it shows a rectangular feature with a triangular side, again, it is absurd for me to try to explain this as a natural phenomenon. We'll be back with Joe in just a couple of minutes with much more here, at Sightings on the Radio.


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JEFF: Joe when you were given the coordinates, you were just given latitude and longitude, so you weren't told where it was, you were just simply given coordinates, you said through an audio source I guess, just a speaker --

JOE: Right, the facilitator was actually in another room, I was in a black tube, that's a shielded tube, the NASA person was in a different room entirely, and monitoring it from that room. The coordinates, the first set of coordinates I was given was a large pyramid, and my assumption was that the coordinates were earth-bound. And I was a little surprised when I started describing the interior of the pyramid, because it didn't match any that I was aware of. And I thought then that perhaps this was a new pyramid that had been discovered somewhere on earth. What I didn't know at the time was that all the planets in our solar system have a coordinate system very much like the earth.

JEFF: When you say coordinate system, what do you mean?

JOE: The longitude and latitude designations.

JEFF: Oh, ok. I see. So they've all been mapped.

JOE: Right, exactly.

JEFF: That's not common knowledge.

JOE: Probably not with the general public, but it certainly is with the astrophysicists and the astrologers, and...

JEFF: Yeah, we know about Mars and Venus, but to have all the planets reasonably mapped is very interesting -- were you expecting to get away without telling me what you visualized on the inside of this pyramid? [laughs]

JOE: No, in fact what I saw inside this particular pyramid were very large corridors and rooms, and I was surprised at the height and the sizes of these rooms and corridors, and in fact commented that I felt that there was something wrong with my scale of perception at the time. There was one other part in the remote viewing, where I said, I interrupted what I was saying about the feature and said something like, gee, you know the sun looks really funny. And they said what do you mean? And I said, well it looks smaller, and seems to be surrounded with some kind of mist. And their response to that was, well we're not interested in the sun, we're interested in what you're perceiving at the location.

JEFF: Right. So what you're suggesting here is that this mile and a half tall pyramid maybe had rooms in it that were for some pretty tall folks?

JOE: Yes, exactly, in the very end of the remote viewing, I had a perception that there was almost what I would call a psychic record, an emotional record of some kind, that had been left by the people who had constructed these facilities. And my sense at the time was that they were probably used for some form of hibernation, it had something to do with the weather, the conditions, the climate on this, at that particular location. Another perception I had when I was asked about "when" is that it was a very very long time ago, perhaps a million years.

JEFF: Did you have a picture in your mind's eye of what these beings may have looked like at any point?

JOE: Right, they were essentially very much like us, humanoid, but very tall, perhaps 12 feet tall, 13 feet tall. I actually drew a picture of one of them standing next to what would be a standard, or average sized man. Very very tall, lanky, long legged, long armed individuals.

JEFF: Not a real common description that we hear in the field of UFO research though, very interesting. Did you have a feeling that these people are all gone now, dead?

JOE: Yeah, my perception is that they are, in the sense that they no longer exist. But I've always had this sort of niggling thing in the back of my mind, where, perhaps these could have been our ancestors in some way.

JEFF: The rectang -- if anyone listening is "remotely" interested, pardon the pun, you've gotta get this book, it's MIND TREK, Hampton Roads is the publisher, Joseph McMoneagle is the author, and by the way I want to interject one thing here -- you've got your own private corporation now called Intuitive Intelligence Applications Inc., located in Virginia, we need to give the address Joe for those who would like to contact you, there are many out there who I'm sure would like to talk to you, and if you can an email address too.

JOE: The [mailing] address for the company is PO Box 100 Nellysford Virginia 22958 USA. The email is

JEFF: Ok, we'll give that again before the end of the program, to make sure that people can contact you. The idea of life on Mars is of course most intriguing, and I think, trying to think what it must have been like when you were shown the pictures eventually of what you had come up with during your session.

JOE: Well actually, I had to hunt those down myself.

JEFF: Oh, they never even showed you the pictures?

JOE: No, they didn't, what I did when I decided that I wanted to put my results in the book, I contacted the JPL, the lab out on the West Coast [JEFF: Pasadena], and requested negatives for the locations for the coordinates. And I was really surprised to see the actual structures. Up until -- I actually did this remote viewing in 1983, and did not actually obtain the negatives for those specific locations until 1993, which is when I had the book published.

JEFF: Are these pictures Joe within the confines of the so-called [DNM?] pyramid in the face area, or are they --

JOE: They're all in that location.

JEFF: So the implication is, as far back as 1983 NASA was pretty intrigued with the location where the alleged pyramid sits, and wanted Joe McMoneagle, top military remote viewer, to go take a look.

JOE: Certainly one of the people in NASA was interested, anyway.

JEFF: Wow. I'm looking at these pictures right now, structures with triangular wall -- [chuckles] something's going on up there. Quite clearly, something did go on up there a long time ago, as you say, Ki just -- thumbing through these, I just want to keep looking at them, they're fascinating. The book again is MIND TREK, most bookstores will have it or can get it for you. What else of an "ET" nature Joe can you offer us tonight?

JOE: I did a remote viewing, it was selected at random from a very large group of targets, someone had decided to include a UFO type of target within the collection, and of course no one knew that at the time, and eventually it was chosen randomly from the large targeting pool. What I essentially began describing was dancing lights on a horizon, and that's all I initially could get from my perceptions, and my monitor, my facilitator kept saying, well there's gotta be more. And when I pressed it, I wound up having a spontaneous out-of-body [experience], and found myself in the interior of a white tube. My experiences there were very interesting. The first thing that happened was, there was an apparition of my father appeared, and my father'd been dead about three years, and he ordered me to go home, and I knew immediately that it wasn't my father because he'd never spoken to me that way. That apparition disappeared when it seemed to have no effect on me I guess, and that was replaced with an apparition of a being of light, that then divided into two, and my perception was that it was arguing with itself, which made me a little nervous. That had no effect, and that eventually went away. I then decided I wanted to go back to my body, and that had no effect, which surprised me, because usually you wind up returning immediately.

JEFF: You were not able to cancel the OBE.

JOE: Right. And that made me a little nervous, but it also made me angry I might add. And at that point I felt as though something had [unclear] inside of me, had struck a nerve, and I was suddenly back in my body.

JEFF: We'll be right back Joe after this short intermission here, at Sightings on the Radio, a remarkable program tonight, hope you're enjoying it, we'll be right back.


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JEFF: And we're back. And Joe we had to almost cut into your last sentence or two, so if you could wrap that up, you were out of body, you were I guess spontaneously put into an OBE and unable to get back; you saw what appeared to be your father, who didn't act in character. A Being of a light, and what happened after that, could you finish that?

JOE: I had a sense that something had reached down inside of me, into my being, and it essentially plucked a nerve, which made me instantly ill. I felt as though I wanted to projectile vomit, and I was, I found myself in my body. I sat bolt upright, I was at that time reclining on the couch, and collided heads with my facilitator, and we were running around the room holding our heads, and it turned out that he had been trying to get a reaction from me for some minutes, and had been unable to. We discussed what happened and decided that we would terminate the remote viewing. We turned the material over to the person who dealt with the material, and when they learned what had happened and saw what the target was, it was shared with us, and it turned out that the target had been a UFO sighting in Tacoma Washington in the 1950's, that had been witnessed by a few hundred people. And what they had reported in the paper was 'dancing lights on the horizon' which was kind of interesting.

JEFF: What you're describing is basically time travel, if you want to use time as any kind of a reference at all here.

JOE: Well, you know, remote viewing is not constrained by time, you can remote view the past, present or future. [JEFF: I understand.] But the point I want to make here is, there's a lot of conjecture that can be made from the results of these remote viewings, but in reality, there's nothing provable by them, unless someone wants to take the information and use it as a cueing device for applying some other appropriate field of science or something. It's unconscienable to me that they could get information about these areas on Mars for example and not have some curiosity as to what might be sitting there. That would be an obvious place to put a soft lander.

JEFF: Yeah, and unconscienable is a very good word, and I think the opposite is quite true, there is a great deal of interest, and most people who look into this know what's going on, I think there is something up there that does need further examination, and may in fact BE being examined, through the good offices of people like you, others perhaps in the same area; one wonders, if they came to you with these targets, if they didn't go to all the rest of them to try and get corroboration.

JOE: That's always very possible.

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