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Web Intro by PJ Gaenir, 1997

An online introduction by PJ Gaenir:

This little book was one of the most delightful finds I've had in years. I was in Vegas with (remote viewer) Paul Smith, who by a long string of casual coincidence had been given boxes of old books to look through, to take what he wanted. He found an Ingo Swann book that's hard to find; I found some first edition Jane Roberts books; we were both delighted. I had just finished designed the then-version of my Firedocs web site in a rich dark red on white scheme, and I saw something in the box that looked just like that. Intrigued I grabbed it. It was a pamphlet-book, a bit old, and on the front it said: The Truth About Mars.

Now, considering how much publicity Mars has got in the remote viewing field, mostly via Courtney Brown who claims to have psychically tuned into life on Mars—or rather, under Mars—this was just too intriguing to pass up. I began skimming through it on the spot. As quite a coincidence, it was the story of a fellow who had "psychically journeyed to Mars."

It was when I realized—near the beginning of the story—that he was describing short, asian-ish people who had lived underground on the planet ever since it had been nearly wiped out by a meteor-type cataclysm long ago, that I began to get excited. Here are elements of stories passed around what I call the "media RV" field today—except this book (article) was written in May of 1955!

Now, either somewhere or somehow, Ed Dames or Courtney Brown (who shared the Mars obsession) became familiar with the content of this book, or the similarities in the accounts are at least a helluva coincidence. [Later note: Courtney Brown told me he'd read this book years prior. So apparently it wasn't coincidence.]

The author writes in the manner a philosopher of 1955 would, and much of the story sounds "Utopic" and, to be honest, imaginary, and at some points absurd and clearly influenced by his own belief systems. It has the infamous trait of the psychic: at one point it's explained he's not limited by time/space/physical, so can travel instantaneously through walls, space et al. to be on Mars; yet the next he can tell you how elevators feel going down and streets feel walking on them. At one time, nobody sees him, yet later he is introduced to someone. From a psychic's view this is not uncommon—but these are, of course, the seeming contradictions that drive skeptics mad.

I don't know that I believe anybody about any part of the various Mars mythos, or as one fellow I know calls the modern media-RV field, "the great RV space opera." This book gives a completely different view than the modern stories—at least as of 1955—of a well developed race of people living quite blissfully... certainly not desperate refugees, as modern stories recount. And the whole bundle of modern hype about Grey aliens and time travel and so on is nowhere referenced at all. But still, there are enough points of similarity with the people and their history that one wonders...

Is this a truth coming through many altering perceptions? A beautiful example of RV's analytic or telepathic overlay? Or is this an archetype being taken literally, as many so-called aliens may be? An alternate reality? How do unrelated people come up with the same elements of a story?

Many people (including me) have described meetings with highly intelligent entities who are (in my words) "vaguely asian." This author not only describes a race of (human-) 'aliens' that fits that descriptive, but even describes the now-infamous tube-like aquariums for growing human fetuses that is straight out of modern "abduction/contact" literature—but not in May of 1955, it wasn't. He describes or sketches a number of technologies—microwave ovens, advanced satellite dishes, liquid insulation, and much, much more—that either did not exist in 1955, or were certainly only science-theoretical to most people. He even describes concerns heard in modern occult philosophy about UFOs—did our atomic bomb open Pandora's box, by somehow affecting other dimensions? Might we be creating damage beyond the reality we know with our modern weaponry?

If it were a fiction novel, it would be insightful and rather predictive, as many science fiction writers have been. But this is written as non-fiction. What does that make it? Read it, and decide for yourself.



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