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The Top 10 Things I Learned About CRV (8K)
and: The Top 10 Things I Learned the Hard Way
and: On What I'd Heard About Remote Viewing

Written right after my first basic CRV course, this is a humorous but serious list of the good, the bad, the ugly, and the obvious.

Coming to our Senses: An Overview of Basic CRV  (93K)

Written shortly after I'd taken my first basic course, this was my attempt to explain the context of the structure and the logic behind the CRV process -- without actually giving away or spelling out any methodologies (which was tricky). This is probably most useful for people who have already learned the basic methodologies (or read something similar), who can then apply my comments to that. It's probably not very clear otherwise.

Cult-ivating Charisma: RV Phones Home to God, Aliens and Big Bucks  (19K)

Written shortly after Ed Dames and Courtney Brown made the big media spotlight, basically pointing out the cultish aspects that were taking over the subject. (Which as it turned out, were to come true beyond even my wildest expectations.) OK, it was mean... but true.

DERV: Divine Electronic Remote Viewing (humor) (17K)

Humor, making fun of the training claims (and apparently results) of much-hyped RV "methods."

Future Predictions of the Past (14K)

For those trembling in terror at the prophecies of impending doom — or worse, those who give the people making the doom claims some legitimacy, saying "By gosh, they're right! They saw the future!" — here's an example of public articles demonstrating this stuff has gone on (and been published) for a long time (at the very least, prior to the announcement of this psychic "discovery"). Mutant frogs, surface jet stream predictions.

The Prophets Will Pay -- With Remote Viewing's Credibility  (15K)

Written shortly after the infamous 39 suicides in California (those devout cultists hitching a ride on the "comet companion"). A look at how RV got tied to that subject. A plea for the media to get its act together and start presenting actual scientists and real Remote Viewers as RV examples, rather than the fringe-artists making a claim to expertise for big money.


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