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April 1996


1. It isn't easy.

2. English sucks.

3. The structure without talent is just an exercise.

4. The talent without structure is just a game.

5. Emphasis on validating facts sure can dent your ego.

6. Not validating facts will warp your ego (-and rationality).

7. It is highly individualized, despite consistent structure.

8. It can be pleasant, but it's not exactly fun.

9. There is no god but PRACTICE.

10. It isn't fast—or easy. Yes, that's the last word too.


1. DESCRIBE the target in detail and prove yourself to be psychic. Try to IDENTIFY it and prove yourself a fool.

2. It's much easier to do it than to fight it. But there is nothing harder than to let go of the fight.

3. The only thing "certain to be" flowers is hippopotamus whiskers. Assume anything at your own risk, no matter how obvious it seems "it must be."

4. Everybody feels like an idiot for awhile. Sometimes for a long while.

5. One thing sure is that your subconscious already knows the answer... and that your conscious will hide it if you let it.

6. Half of good training ends up being therapy.

7. From all appearances, the subconscious speaks Etruscan in 4-D, translates it through geometry, encrypts it in some long-dead fish language, and then feeds you that information in code. Of course, it's always perfectly obvious in retrospect.

8. Most of being right is being willing to be wrong.

9. It's much better to write down something that is wrong than to realize you didn't write down what turned out to be right.

10. Being intelligent is no guarantee. Being psychic is no guarantee. In the end they'll certainly help. But in the beginning, following structure and practicing is the only guarantee you can learn it, let alone be good at it.


Most people who say they're "remote viewing experts" obviously don't know what the hell they're talking about.

Next time someone says they can teach this to anybody (let alone a whole group) in a week and have them be an immediate and advanced crime-scene expert, say, "Tell Elvis hello."

Anyone who became a Remote Viewer in a seminar and thinks it's really easy to do well didn't learn CRV. They learned something else.

As for "CRV being kind of like OBE stuff," this is about as far from an "out of body experience" as you can get. The two not only aren't similar, they are close to being opposites. Anybody who doesn't understand this has never done real CRV.

CRV doesn't "teach you to be psychic." It teaches you how to structure, deal with, and document being psychic. The practice of doing that teaches you that you already are.

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Controlled Remote Viewing is a term first coined by Ingo Swann.

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