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Journal Excerpt [3rd eye quakes]

{January, 1995}

The other day I was sitting in my car, midday in the sunshine, at this really large, spacious intersection, and had a brief piece of a vision. These are kinda weird and can happen two ways, where it's either "all you see" like you fall into a sudden incredibly vivid dream with full-tactile ability (so real it's like teleporting to the event), or, they can happen even though your eyes are wide open, and it's like an "overlay" of the scene in front of you, which you believe and understand clearly but know on some level is not "the" reality -- but it takes a minute to realize that consciously, scares the crud out of you in the meantime. It's like two film projectors both shining on the same screen.

Anyway, this was an overlay. It was like there was an earthquake, and the ground in the intersection was like part of a thick line that bulged up swelled/bulged, and it was weird, it was like the asphalt actually stretched a little bit with it rather than just being hard and immediately breaking. And the bulges came and went, like varied for a minute, and to say my jaw was wide open would be an understatement, it's something you gotta see to believe! The impression was that there was a line going right there through the middle of the intersection, and that at some point the swelling bulging would break through the asphalt and then eventually there'd be like some small hill right there, like that was a break point or fault.

I was just beginning to physically react when I suddenly realized that none of the cars including mine were moving, and we should be, we should be feeling the reaction of something like that happening so close. Then I brought to the conscious level that it was just some kind of not-eye vision overlaying my regular vision. Damn it was real-ish tho! Anyway, so I shook my head and got on with things.

Then later in the day, I'm backing out of a parking space at the store, and before I have moved the car, I'm just getting ready to slide into reverse, the car to the left of me begins moving in a weird motion up and down, back and forth, and I realize it's shaking, we're having an earthquake... and then I realize that I'm not shaking, and it's just that overlap vision again. I shake my head, think humorously, "Women Drivers!" and forget it. Geez. These are so annoying,


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