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Journal Excerpt [astral college]

The following dream initiated a sequence with me that continued for a long time. It seems quite literal when I am there, as if it is a physical place. A woman named Meryl and I had conversations at length about this (a shared/similar experience) in CompuServe back in 1995. It became a very popular topic and many people joined us over time. Author Whitley Streiber did as well and often asked questions about it. We joked privately that he 'pretended' to know what we were talking about, but clearly was just hunting for data. Later I had a strange dream of seeing this legal-size brown folder that in red said, "Streiber's Recent Contract". That struck me as funny and off the wall. But when he later published a book called Secret School, it all made a little more sense...

{September, 1995}

I had a dream last night that was so long, detailed and explicit that I awoke believing it's just as much a "place" as any of the places I've gone with entities -- moreso -- as literal as my house. I found, qualified for, and was offered to enroll in a school. Some kind of college. There were interviews and discussions with various people, even papers to "sign," with legal clauses in the back about their lack of responsibility should I get myself lost or even killed in any of the courses, haha!

It's a dream school. I mean officially. There are numerous "levels" like grades, and each level has a number of courses. But none of the courses are identical for each person, because it's really personal interplay and each course is a place, and it's big, and has a lot of options.

You sit down at one of the computers at the school, which is also something of a "home base" (having food, rest, shelter, etc. as well as classes, where you can meet other students and such, though people are seldom into that, they're busy), and you look at the "map" for that level you're on. The map is a mandala basically, a complex geometric form, like some drawing of the matrix of a crystal. Each "section" of the form (course) is outlined, it's just some given grouping of geometries in the overall picture. There are three levels and 10 in each. You can choose any to begin with that you wish. You choose one of the forms in that mandala in the computer, you're sort of "logging in" to that form and documenting it, and then you go somewhere like a closet or transporter and find yourself dropped "into" that form.

Each form is a place, like a frequency-band or dimension, inhabited by people (or entities, whatever). Not being limited to time, you can spend a day or years there -- you spend however long it takes you to get out. The end goal is to come out knowing how to communicate with the occupants, how to control things there, and knowing the parts of yourself that are reflected there. To a lesser but obviously important degree, the goal is to survive.

The first one I did is tough to explain, as it really isn't in 3D enough to translate, and that's what little I remember. I'll try for some of it:

I abruptly found myself "dropped" into a "place." I thought at the teachers, How do I get to where I need to go? and found myself in a car, an old one like the 50's American tanks, moving on its own. It rolled into a castle (not over a moat, simply through a huge doorway in a stone wall) until I was in the middle of a large courtyard, and then it suddenly disappeared, and I found myself standing.

There was a chittering and clicking sound, and I looked around to see that in the window sills and sitting on walls all around the courtyard, there were these people. They were very small, dark, I had the specific impression they were "Chinese," and they were all wearing these odd things on their fingers, like little sharp pointy silver metal things that glinted in the light. Their eyes were bright like astral entities, and combined with the glittery pointy things on their fingers, and the way they were all looking at me, and clicking their fingers and talking to each other in what sounded mostly like consonants and whistles, a bit excitedly, I was immediately very concerned about myself. They made me very nervous.

A few of them came out of the doorway with a large tray. It had, of all things, a little teapot on it, beautiful, painted. They turned over these little cups and poured tea into each of them, and we sat down at this stone bench and table and we prepared to have tea. I had the very specific impression, suddenly, that they had some kind of test or exercise they would eventually put me through, and they were all very much hoping that I would fail, so they could "have me." I shuddered a bit and looked down at the tea tray.

One of them, a man, had been mixing something in this little mortar and pestle type bowl, and eventually he came close to me and I could see that it was a dark brown-red herbal sort of mixture. He scraped it into my tea, and with a metal pin-like thing, stirred my tea well, and then handed it to me. I had the impression that whatever they were supposed to teach me, I either had to be in a different state of mind, which this drug would put me in, or they simply didn't want my conscious lucidity anymore.

I wasn't crazy about the idea of losing control in the midst of a bunch of these chittering bright eyed entities that I felt would eat me or something if I wasn't careful; but I realized that this was part of the overall scenario and test, and if I refused to drink this, they would quite possibly fall upon me and shred me with those pointy metal fingertips, or something along those lines. I realized that part of my learning in this "place" was learning to fit in with their culture and I had to use my intuition; there was no second chance.

Abruptly I became fully aware of the implications of what I had done by joining this college so to speak: there was no safety net. Nobody would save me. I would get through each place and get out, or I would be stuck there, maybe even die there, and nobody would care: I was solely responsible for myself. No teacher or good guy was going to save me.

Feeling that bravery and one's reactions were somehow important to this group of ultra polite tea serving people, I thanked the man who had given me the small cup of tea with the drug in it, in the most formally polite manner I could, and holding my chin up and looking at him to make sure he knew that I was not at all afraid, I drank it all down at once.

Next thing I knew, I found myself back at the school. I stepped out of the closet-thing where I found myself, and walked into the room where the computers were. There was another guy there across the room; the lights were very dim in this room. I considered going and getting something to eat or drink, or maybe just going to sleep, but I decided that first I would choose the next "place" that I was going to go. So I chose another piece of the geometric matrix picture in the computer.


Then I woke up. On awakening, the part that deeply marked me was the idea that like a survivalist training exercise, nobody was gonna come save my butt if it didn't work for me, if I was in trouble. I could get lost there; I could spend eons there; I could actually DIE there although they pointed out that this was very rare (but did on occasion happen). I had been accepted to the training because I was deemed to be capable of it myself, and I would stand or fall on my own merits only.

I realized that I'd been blithely going through all this, rather proud of myself to have passed the first test which was finding the college/school and being asked to join, and I hadn't really taken it seriously enough, even though they had explained that this was quite real, and was merely happening on the dream level because it was more convenient, and could be done in much less time. But I hadn't realized that it was "real" enough to me that if something were to happen to me there it would affect the person I know as me in my daily "real" life.

This really disconcerted me, and made me realize that all the things they showed me about the school, they weren't screwing around. It wasn't just some groovy symbolic dream I made up to explain tripping lightly through the Aethyrs or whatever; it really was a real "place" (as much as anything is anyway) and I wasn't the center of the universe there, I was just another student, and once I committed to the school I committed absolutely. I can't quit in the middle of an experience, or the middle of a course.

They said I'd be through the whole thing in about two years, or so they expect. What I'm supposed to do then I don't know, but there's some specific "end" like a graduation that puts me in a completely different "space" mentally and spiritually. What a trip, huh?!


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