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When I first began training in hands-on energy work and shamanic meditation (this was eons ago), a couple of the people in the class talked about "chakra headaches."

I thought they were romanticizing an ordinary headache, until I did a lot of work focusing energy through that area. Ah! Yes, when your center forehead (almost in a 'point' area) feels like it is going to split wide open -- that's a chakra headache. It is a relief to know that even 'meta-physical' ailments can be dealt with via extra-strength Excedrin. :-)

I told my instructor of the time that in my opinion, I had only had this happen because I had "bought into the mindset" by having heard about that. She said I might be right.

She added "However, I have always sensed that the crown-chakra aches were an attempt to expand how much energy I could take in." Crown chakra aches? I hadn't actually even decided I believed in chakras. I secretly rolled my eyes.

It wasn't until later that I began doing a lot of meditating on the crown chakra. And for quite some time I did not have any kind of ache. I actually thought (I am so arrogant sometimes I aggravate even myself!) that they had all just "bought into" this concept that "you can't have gain without pain" or something... while I, being too wise for that ;-), hadn't bought it, hence no pain. :-)

I was sitting in front of my computer at work one day when the first and most intense crown-chakra symptom got me. It wasn't so much that it was just pain. I mean.... okay, it WAS pain. But it was the novelty of it that struck me. It felt like someone had taken a long rod of SOLID energy about the circumference of my index finger, and was inserting into INTO the top of my head. I mean, right through the hairy skin and through the bone and downward. I mean my physical head, nothing "meta"-physical about this! I slapped my hand up on top of my head in astonishment, but felt nothing with my hand. It went away after about 15 seconds. But my "crown chakra" -- which I had never 'felt' before -- hurt like HELL for the rest of the day.

I didn't have that happen again though I had a few times that milder versions of that happened. But mostly it was just that from that time, off and on my crown 'chakra' would ache. It's a very specific place, I mean the place can actually be narrowed down to a very specific fingernail-sized or smaller spot in the center of the top of my head.

I'd like to put a pretty "we're all evolving, how transcendental!" sort of label on this experience, but the reality is just that it is anywhere from a mild ache to it hurting like a sonofabitch and requiring drugs to make it go away (excedrin to the rescue!).

For a long time prior to excedrin I would tell myself, "This is good. This means I am, ah, uh, I mean, I think, expanding, or evolving, or sort of, um, exercising, or.... well it's good." And I'd just put up with it. Then I got a little blase and said "Give me DRUGS!" :-)

I still get those crown chakra aches, by the way, but *much* milder than before and not very often. I don't get any other kind of chakra ache anymore. Of course, I don't really do any kind of energy work anymore, either.

As far as the scientific aspect of this, as brought up in some previous posts:

Dr. Robert Becker (great book: The Body Electric) tells of doing a research project funded by the Navy to see if the acupuncture meridian points (which ties into the chakraic system in eastern models) were valid. The military had of course run into all this as a result of having to put soldiers back together again in eastern countries for so long; medics knew there was something to it. As it was an initial study only, they used a top quadrant of the torso (from neck to midriff out to arm). They modified a tool that allowed them to measure the electromagnetic field of the skin, and ran it over every spec of the body(s) in the area.

What they found was that there were what seemed to be little areas that you might consider "relay stations" that take a tiny electrical voltage and amplify it and pass it on. (The primary foundation for disbelief in the west about meridians was the theory that such small amounts of energy could not travel so far in the body. This concept of little transformers or relays throughout the body that would amp up and pass on the signal explains and resolves that theoretical dilemma.)

As Becker's field of study (Nobel-nominated) was electrical potentials in the body related to why bone fractures do or don't heal, this study was very intriguing to him. He also found that there appears to be transfer of energy not through the nerves as expected but -- this is from memory and I worry I am wrong here, read the book :-) -- via the actual *covering* of the nerve instead.

The points they found in their research were close to identical to the points laid out in acupuncture teachings; a few of the points differed.

This does not actually discuss chakras, however, the concept of chakras is (partly) vortices of energy and that energy (some of it) appears to be partly distributed through the body via the meridian system. So to me the research is directly related; one of the few western funded projects I've seen on this. (Trivia: The Navy got his results and dropped all apparent interest or funding for the concept. However Becker later found it was being researched privately within the Navy itself.)


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