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Letter Excerpt [crop circle in the sky]

{March or April, 1994}

Saw the weirdest thing the other day. At about 10:00am Rich, a guy at work, comes into my office with this funny look on his face and says in this real subdued, almost upset voice, Palyne, come out here for a minute. You gotta see this. So we go outside. The sky is mostly blue overhead, but South there's a huge sky full of a perfectly aligned pattern of clouds, like the cirrus type except perfect zigzags. Very, very high. Spanning most of the sky, a huge amount of it. And in the cloud pattern there was -- I am not joking! -- what I can only describe (and did a minute later, and we both burst into laughter) as a "huge cloud 'crop circle' or something."

There was this SWATH cut through the clouds, huge, wide, totally clear. Not one visible speck of cloud anywhere in the pattern. Like a cookie cutter got taken by the gods to the sky, ha! It was not something wind could do. It was a circle (with cloud in the middle) plus one partial circle plus a straight shape with them... hard to explain. It was Southwest of us, so we couldn't really see the design clearly, but it struck one so immediately as "artificial" it was disconcerting.

As we stood there silent at first, I said knowing it was impossible, "Could a few huge military planes do that somehow?" Rich says, "No way." I wondered if a weather anomaly combined with jets could, but decided no, maybe circles, maybe a line, but not that shape combination, no way. Just then, a plane flies in front of our view, just within the area (by our angle) which is "cut out of the clouds." It's much lower and closer than the clouds, they were incredibly high, and therefore the plane was "larger to our vision" of course, but it's still about 1/100th the size it would need to be to "physically cut that path through the clouds" with an airwake 20 times the normal size, assuming jets could do such a thing anyway (usually they leave marks in the sky, not remove them.) The thin sheet layer of the clouds (in that neat zigzag formation) was completely undisturbed around this pattern. Not even the edges were raised. The cut-out looked like a giant symbol in the sky.

The pattern seemed so clearly deliberate (and non weather artificial), and yet so HUGE, we were just boggled. A couple other employees came out and Rich steals the "cloud circle" joke and after a few minutes we're all standing outside on the sidewalk, everybody with their mouths open, saying, That's the weirdest thing I ever saw! I don't know anything about crop circles, or about this. I don't know if it really is similar to that kind of design or not because I've only seen one or two in a magazine and that was years ago.

All in all, the area this took up (I work about 70 miles North of Los Angeles, and it was South West in the sky) was huge. I mean, I can't believe everybody didn't notice it to the degree of seeing it in the paper or something, but I've heard nothing. Even were it some entertainment spectacle, or just a really neat weather pattern, you'd think we'd hear something?! -- how could the news miss it? -- I mean it was bizarre and amazing. The kind of bizarre that makes you feel weird and uncomfortable. Anyway, so we eventually shook our heads in bafflement and went back inside and that was the end of it. The whole sky was filled with it but I guess nobody else even noticed. Sheesh.


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