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I've had some unusual experiences with "loving" that changed me markedly. One was: I fell in love with a tree.

I was in a pretty intensely positive state of mind during that era. I was doing a good deal of 'energy channeling' through my heart chakra. The tree was growing in a small cement divide in a parking lot. It was not as large, or robust, as the others in the lot. It had a terrible location in some regards. It was ignored of course, as most all trees are.

Yet one day, I looked at that tree, and I 'knew' her: I fell in love with her. It was a HER: no doubt about it.

Her branches were thrown up and out like a love song to the sky, like happy soul sisters singing about jesus, like a giggling little girl welcoming and tasting the rain.

She was inspirational. I felt actual happiness every day on coming home from work and seeing her again. I missed her when I was gone. I actually felt warmth in my chest.

I felt like it was so... so RIGHT for her to just BE exactly as she was, as if she had such a "purity of being" ('being' both as a verb and as a noun) that she was the perfect, absolute statement of rightness, of holiness, of ISness. I could not help but be moved.

I used to put my hands on her and try to 'send her love energy', and sometimes talk to her and tell her how wonderful and beautiful I thought she was.

I made a point to do this when neighbors were not looking...

I loved her so much. Every time I passed her going out or coming in, I loved her more. To this day I feel such affection for her and hope she has fared well.

It's been 7 years since I lived there, in another state. The tree might not even be there anymore. I miss her still, though. I ache for her the way you ache for anything you love and lose in one way or another.

It was my belief, years later looking back on "falling in love with a tree" that the tree did not change, and in fact, perhaps all trees are as I perceived that one to be. I think what changed was me: I was right in the midst of a true, real ability to LOVE right at the moment I looked at the tree, and in the light of that, I saw her for what she really was.

I like to think of that way, anyway.


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