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Journal Excerpt [heads I lose]

{March, 1994}

I went to bed at a decent hour. For once I didn't get knocked out like often, and it was so nice! Wasn't tired enough to sleep, but climbed in anyway, happy to go to bed normally for once, like it was a novel concept. Slid under the covers and turned on my left side, snuggling into the pillow, comfy and happy. I'd been lying there probably 10 seconds, not enough even to relax, before something caught my eye. I thought something the size of a fist was crawling next to me, by my knees. I froze in horror, I guess my mind was imagining some giant bug or something, ha! Then I saw that it was just a lump under the blanket and I sighed with a "whoosh!" and felt much better.

But just as I was relaxing, it moved again! I froze again, petrified. The round ball-spot under the blanket moved slowly beside my body, moving upward toward the top of the blanket, and grew as it did so. It was softball size and growing by the time it reached my thighs: I was simply frozen in fear. I knew I should jump back, fall out the other side of the bed, but I was so terrified I couldn't move. It grew larger as it came up toward me, and by the time it got to just below the edge of the blanket it was nearly the size of a basketball. My terror held me completely immobilized, and I could feel my lips trembling and my body tensed so tightly it hurt. And then it moved up and out from under the blanket -- and a face (just a head! no body!) turned to look at me.

I fainted.

I don't remember what it looked like. I came to, I assume by the clock just a minute later, and there was no sign of anything.

I've never fainted before in my life, but I wasn't in the mood for further analysis -- I just couldn't stand it anymore. I was angry and scared and just furious that my life is getting so goddamn bizarre! I want evolvement, not insanity! I was really ticked, you know how it is when something scares you half to death, then you want to bash it. So I got up to watch TV, but as I reached for the remote as I sat down in the chair I got bop-zoned (as usual), so that was the end of that.

I should've known a normal night's sleep was too much to ask.


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