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Letter Excerpt [little red car]

{August, 1994}

I was sitting in my chair a little while ago, waiting for my lunch to cook, and I got "pulled into" an immediate, intense dream I guess, where I was in my car, going through an intersection, and just realized that I was about to be crashed into, by another car coming from the right, I think a little red car, and in a fit of adrenalin I slammed my foot down against the gas to try and accelerate out of the way, which is the movement that snapped me out of it and left me breathing hard, eyes wide and heart pounding.

Reminds me. Once in a feeling similar to this but way deeper, there was this guy, he'd been in a car crash, and his car had skidded onto these railroad tracks -- and there was a train coming, and in a very short time he was going to be dead for sure. But the car accident had sort of knocked him silly, he was dazed, maybe hit his head or something. And I went "inside" him like a ghost or something, and I tried and tried to get him to wake up. I used more "Will" than I've ever had to use for almost anything excepting a couple of very deep experiences. I was trying to help him, to "will" him into enough consciousness that I could help him get the car out of the way before the train got there, to save him. I don't know whether I succeeded or not.

Sometimes I just wonder if these could be 'real.' I mean real like in this reality, like in the first one, I'm picking up on somebody else's experience somewhere?


Alas, it was not to be. The first incident, exactly as described, including quite a few details that were included that I didn't describe, happened to me over a year later. I was stunned because after I and the other driver made sure we weren't hurt (it was mild), I recognized the entire setting as identical to my memory of the spontaneous dream of so long before. I wasn't sure, did experiencing such a thing in "sudden waking dream" form cause me to somehow create it? Or did the abrupt adrenalized emotion of the incident make an impression on some kind of "astral ether" that in a moment of sensitivity, I picked up? I'm sure hoping the train memory isn't me!


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