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Journal Excerpt [princess]

{January, 1995}

I had such a vivid dream that I -- another aspect of I (not this I, but the tall dark haired female aspect of I), was a daughter of someone in power in some Russian-type country, like old, old Russia, or maybe one of the regions near there. We (father and his men and servants and I/her) had traveled, I had the impression Westward, for some official occasion. While there, I/she met a man who I recognized, in the dream, as being my brother (in this life). He was passionately in love with her. But he was a poor nobody, and a foreigner to boot, there was simply no chance.

They determined to meet anyway. Somehow our father found out about it. She and the man (my brother) were to meet at this place secretly. I (somehow) was both part of her and yet actually wandering outside to keep an eye out for our father. And he came. He came storming toward me, he was bald but strong, muscled like a sword-fighting soldier, and the look on his face was grim and very bad news. He didn't see me and walked right through me. Then I woke up.

Do you suppose... that the "other aspects of me" -- this woman was the long dark haired woman in the sarcophagus, and in the courtyard -- could have past lives? Or that maybe if there are different lives on this planet, that different aspects of the "we" are "dominant," could that be possible?

Huh. I don't know about all this. How come she gets to be a princess and I get to be a proletarian?!


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