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Journal Excerpt [soldier in the graveyard]

{May, 1995}

I am viewing a place, there is a tremendously large, perfect lawn there, and I finally decide, due to an ornamented short wall with some symbols, that I'm at some kind of military place. I can't even see a regular building, the lawn is so vast, just the various symbols on the short stone monument that seems to title the place, but without words, and I'm not exactly sure what they are as a result.

I'm driving slowly past it in my car, and I note that here and there, there is something that seems like maybe it's a grave. Like maybe of somebody really important, who was buried at the front of this place with full honors? I continue driving, and I eventually have a choice between taking a left or right at a fork in the road. To the right seems to be the main road. The left is a smaller road, and it only seems to go one way: up.

I have the feeling that somebody is calling me, over to the left, so I take the left. It wends around and begins up a fairly steep hill. To each side of the road is grass, flowers, fountains, creeks, and beautiful small carved headstones and monuments; although I've never seen a graveyard on anything but flat ground, this appears to be one set on a hill. It's so beautiful it's breathtaking, and it's a gorgeous sunny day with birds singing, and I have my windows open and I can smell the fresh air, and the grass and water and such, and it makes me very happy to be in such a beautiful place, I feel completely at peace.

I realize that near the top of the hill and around a bit to the right, there's a guy who wants to talk with me. He's dead of course, or rather, his body is, but he's alive, and for some reason I have to come to him, he can't come to me. So I continue driving up the hill, happy merely to be alive in such beauty -- and then I woke up, pulling in from far away, as external noise bothered me.

Ghosts and entities -- why can't I be like normal people and just have dreams of being naked in public or something? I don't know who the man was, but I had the impression that he had been somebody working for the military or some such thing, and that he had been doing something important and rather unusual, something mental? when he died, and he wanted to talk to me about the situation, and about me somehow. (Odd. Why would I dream about the military?)


I fell into repeated OBEs over the next week, every one leading to him. In every instance, just prior to my reaching him, my "reality freaked out" in such a way as to FORCE me out of it. Even unlikely things... my two friends whom I was staying with, considerate and quiet when I slept, were talking quietly until I nearly reached him, when suddenly they began screaming at each other, bringing me instantly back to self. Another time, a car in the parking lot below the apartment I was in suddenly began honking, like 30 times in a row. Another time, my friends' three cats, all very mature and usually very calm, seemed to instantly go crazy in a race that involved rebounding off my body, all of them, back and forth. Over and over this happened. I kept trying to reach him... I felt his sense of importance that he contact me and tell me about something... but I never did.

And immediately after this some profound regular 'dreams' began occurring [see: Jackboots] that dramatically changed my consciousness, it appeared, and within a few months, OBEs and Lucid Dreams had nearly vanished for me (after an entire life of them) anyway.


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