RV Oasis Interview Series

Our "hands-on, gloves-off" discussion list gets together to create group-interviews with people worth talking to in the Remote Viewing field (or those closely related).

We try to throw in a few questions personal, controversial, and politically incorrect if we can! Questions are compiled into an interview by PJ, which is conducted via email.

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RV Oasis Interview Series...

... begins in late 2002 with an interview with Joseph McMoneagle, that spawned SO many great questions from the group, we made it into three.

Joseph W. McMoneagle was Remote Viewer #001 in the US Government programs now collectively called STAR GATE. He was the only individual in the project from its inception (1977/78) until its termination (Fall of 1995). He worked both in operations intelligence and in the scientific research laboratory, and as a soldier (Chief Warrant Officer) won a Legion of Merit (the highest peacetime award possible in the Army) for his remote viewing intelligence work for numerous government and military intelligence agencies.

Joe has been interviewed in US media such as Time Magazine, Newsweek Magazine, Life Magazine, Reader's Digest Video Series, ABC's Nightline, ABC's Put to the Test, CBS's 48 Hours, and others, as well as major network television in Great Britain, Germany and Japan and more. As of this interview he has officially done 30 live on camera, double-blind (in science protocol) remote viewings for major media in five countries, live RV in person (such as at the Rhine Research Center) for many years, and has published four books about remote viewing and his personal experiences.

McMoneagle is the author of Mind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing (1993,1997), The Ultimate Time Machine: A Remote Viewer's Perception of Time, and Predictions for the New Millennium (1998), Remote Viewing Secrets: A Handbook (2000), and his latest book, an autobiography called The Star Gate Chronicles: Memoirs of a Psychic Spy.

#001 - Joseph W. McMoneagle

Joe answers questions about his weirdest, scariest, best and worst RV experiences, spirituality, time, his writing, the media, what happens when we die, and more.

#002 - Joseph W. McMoneagle

Joe answers questions about RV training, development, practice, talent, fear of psi, monitoring, ethics, analysis, remote influence, psychokinesis (PK), OBE's/NDE's/Lucid Dreams, non-human sentience, healing, the layman's RV field, symbolic data, and more.

#003 - Joseph W. McMoneagle

Joe answers questions about his live RV in the media (esp. in Japan), his predictions and his book Ultimate Time Machine, Rving the future, RV done for the public, his personal interests and heroes, various other personal questions, and more.

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