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An Educational Discussion About Target Number Randoms:
(for those seriously lacking in reading material...!)

Q. Your strings are alphanumeric. How come?
A. Because they can be. Some people are obsessed with the idea that their number has to be unique. Well, probably millions of target numbers in the typical 4/4 number format have been generated since the 1970's. It's pretty unlikely many would be unique by now. Using only numbers, there's only 10 possibilities per digit; using letters as well (minus I and 0 so they don't get confused with numbers), there are 34. So for the retentive sorts who really want to feel their number is unique, this method has a vastly larger probability base.
Q. What are the prefix/suffix options?
A. Whatever you want. You can either replace 'some' of your numbers with these or you can prepend/append them to your target number. Sometimes when you're doing projects, for example, it's useful to have project numbers in common. Then if you have 35 sessions for a given project, even though all the numbers are different, they may all share a prefix or suffix.
Q. How come you allow any number of digits?
A. Because the number is irrelevent and people can make it whatever they want. Maybe they want a 5 digit string, or a 12 digit string.
Q. Do the numbers have to be unique?
A. To you, it would be most convenient if they were so you don't forget which session is which years later. If you're using 8 digit numbers (for example) it'd be pretty unlikely to get repeats unless you do 100 sessions a day--which is unlikely. These are just for prompting and tracking. You don't really need a target number. I provide this because some people like the old fashioned ideas that RV had in the early 1980's. Sort of the reason some diners have 50's paraphernalia I guess--it's fun. But if you mean 'unique in the universe', get real.
Q. What if someone else got a number I also got?
A. So? You don't think every number in existence has been generated a bazillion times by computers and more already? But you can create custom prefixes and suffixes for some of your characters (or to append to them) if you prefer.
Q. But will I get 'psychic overlay'?
A. Oh please. That's one of a billion built-in excuses for why a viewer might be lousy. Serious viewers don't pre-set-up excuses like that. It's your responsibility to focus on the target. That's all there is to it. The number's just for prompting and recording. It is NOT the target.
Q. How do I know what the target is?
A. You're psychic! If you weren't, what would be the point of RV??
Q. Why don't you insure these numbers are unique?
A. I could if I wanted. No reason to, in my view. Think about it: my RNG has been putting out mostly 8 digit target numbers since 1999 (my website's been online since 12/95, but I didn't put the RNG up until I got a dynamic, databased domain). Plus many people using psi methods that prefer these 'coordinates' (like CRV, SRV, TRV, etc.) have been generating numbers like this since 1995 as well. Plus every such number generated for twenty years in science, applications, etc. (though they weren't 8-digit coordinates in science eventually, but just tracking numbers). Can any system (mine or anybody's) track every number that has ever been generated and avoid it? Hardly. Will your session likely be polluted/ruined if you chance on a number someone else has used? Well gee that would be a great one-size-fits-all excuse for lousy sessions wouldn't it?! The target is the target. The number is for tracking.
Q. What do you mean, 'These are just for prompting and tracking'? The number is attached to the target in the matrix!
A. Are you trying to be funny? Never mind. Understand that viewers may use NO number at all for a session, or a simple database record number--or a hand gesture, a hard stare, it doesn't matter. It is only for record keeping. The idea that the number itself has any bearing on a decent viewer's session was let go of when proved incorrect by science in the 1980's and by every good viewer since that day.
Q. Well, I was taught otherwise.
A. I'm sorry if you actually paid money for that. Some people think science and remote viewing both stopped and were set in stone in the 1980's, and they know (and care) nothing about what the world has learned since. If you want to be bound by a long list of assumptions and belief systems that are not hindered by anything learned in the last 20+ years, don't let me stop ya!
Q. But I mixed a target number with my buddy, and we could see, that we influenced each others' sessions.
A. If you believe this, and you compare this, you have essentially built that into your psychic definition of the target AND then provided yourself feedback on it. If you don't understand the basics of an RV protocol as concerns the definition of a target and feedback, then you really might want to learn something about this prior to spending a lot of time on RV. I realize it is often pointedly omitted from methods-training but it's worth understanding. In specific, seek out the website writings of Ingo Swann, the books published by Joseph McMoneagle, and any science papers or website articles authored by the CS Labs (the lab that did the majority of the StarGate project research).
Q. I paid thousands to learn the RV protocols!
A. You're being confused by the terminology--as is apparently intentional. I am NOT talking about methods (like CRV, TRV, etc.) here, those are psychic methods, so-named as RV because they were designed to be used within an RV protocol. They do not on their own constitute RV. (They were not even compiled/created until a dozen years after RV had been being used all over the world by tons of viewers. And, they are nearly the polar opposite of the method used by their creator [Swann] according to his own writings; they are not what's been used by all the greatest viewers currently and in recent StarGate history (Swann, Price, McMoneagle, Hammid, Trent, Lantz, etc.). The RV protocol refers to the science rules established for remote viewing. The rules are what define RV as different from 'psychic stuff' people have been doing for a zillion years. There are also methods, which some call "the protocols" (a different use of the same word, which makes this endlessly confusing, unless someone is educated about the difference). Those relate to how you go about getting the psychic data. The methods are the how-to. The protocol is the set of situational rules that the how-to method fits inside. A method could be used in or out of a decent RV protocol.
Q. I'm not clear on the difference.
A. No thanks to the thousands you dished out, apparently. The first of three primary points of protocol that affect most people learning RV, is that nobody in the room with or in contact with the viewer at the time of the session should know anything about the target. If the person sitting across the table from you knows the target, it isn't RV.
Q. Why not?! Ingo Swann trained like this!
A. Trained. Not viewed. It was a first-run experiment to see if the more detailed feedback would facilitate learning. What nobody knew in 1982 when he began on this, but the world learned later, is that there are a dozen 'invisible senses' that humans have which read other people in amazing detail. Swann himself talked about this in 1995 in his speech to the U.N., about all these other senses (see his website paper "Your 17 Senses"). So what you mostly learn is to cold read your monitor. The RV protocol requires a double-blind because that is the second half of the definition of Remote Viewing. Here's the formal definition:

The process of an individual acquiring information about a person, place, thing or event which is distant in time or space, when that information could not be accessible to the individual through any means currently known to science.

Since it's known that people can get amazing amounts of information from other humans, even without it being apparent, those routes of info transfer have to be excluded in order to call the psychic work RV. See the Firedocs RV FAQ HERE for protocol explanation. The other two primary points of protcol even laymen must know is that the viewing has to be intentional and planned, and there must be hard, specific feedback to compare the session to. If any of these three points are not in place during a viewing, it is just a "psychic session." Which is just fine! But it isn't technically RV.
Q. So... back to the number thing. You're saying the number doesn't really matter?
A. More than that. I am saying (a) the number doesn't matter. I am saying (b) anybody who claims the number matters is making an excuse for lousy results. And I am saying (c) that even if the number DID matter, there aren't many "random 4 by 4 digit numeric strings" likely to be left which have NOT already been generated since the 1970's for RV purposes, so any claim that they are unique in MY system (or anybody's system) would be pointless.

I built this to include alpha to vastly expand the probability for unique, to allow users to set their own strength length, and to prepend or append their own strings, all of which allow people to create "the most likely unique string" possible. I don't really think that's necessary, but I made this so that the person using it will have control and be able to customize it and get what they want.

To find more info on RV, other viewers, free tasks, hands-on viewing and more, visit the TKR Project sites such as - - or my personal RV site Firedocs RV.

Happy viewing!

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