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This is an archive file of the public Viewer [VWR] email list. This list is sponsored by the private Viewer Forum, hosted by Paradigm Systems and Design, and owned and operated by PJ Gaenir. It is dedicated to discussion of the practical aspects, theories and experience of formal psychic methodologies such as Controlled Remote Viewing, and independent efforts by the public interested in working under the formal RV protocol (the set of rules which define "remote viewing" as the term was coined in a science lab). You can find details, rules, and a form for joining the email group here. The list is moderated during operation and archiving. I remove last names and detail locations of contributors (within the archives) for privacy, and signatures for space conservation. I have added notes marking the posts from former U.S. intelligence remote viewers. Archiving of posts is done manually and may not include all posts.

This is the thirteenth archive.

MAY 03 1997 TO MAY 19 1997

I would like some feedback regarding remote reception of emotions from another person and their nature.

While conducting psychic experiments with another person, I picked up emotions, feelings, and general thought patterns. I kept a daily log recording the times when these thoughts reached high intensity. They were confirmed by the other party to be accurate at the recorded times. That person was thinking or feeling the same general thoughts at the exact time I reported. However, I could not tell what the person was thinking or seeing, but only the general essence.

The received thoughts seemed like my own thoughts with the difference that they were more intense than normal and my nervous system was involved. A slight increase in heart rate or feeling in my gut accompanied the thoughts. These nervous symptoms and intuitive thoughts seemed to come and go randomly during the day with no action on my part.

The more feedback and confirmation I got back , the stronger and more convincing these thoughts became.

I thought I heard on an Art Bell interview that remote viewing takes many forms and this may be one of them.

Has anyone else had this kind of experience? How would you describe it?



What you were experiencing was likely something akin to "emotional impact" in CRV terminology. It's just one of several categories and types of information dealt with in Stage IV (after one has mastered the basics, of course). In this case, since you weren't working in a CRV format, it sounds like you focused in particularly intensely on the emotional content of the signal line. Ingo maintains that true remote viewing is a mixture of controlled clairvoyance and a number of other things, among them aspects of telepathy. It's not unusual that someone "tunes in" to someone else's emotional states in a sort of "empathic telepathy." What would have made this even more impressive would have been if the other person had kept a similar journal to yours, and you only compared them after the series of events was over. Nonetheless, it is still interesting.

>at the exact time I reported. However, I could not tell what the person was thinking or seeing, but only the general essence.

This is typical of emotional content received during the course of a remote viewing session. Emotions have their own sort of information to convey, and one seldom gets solid concepts with this sort of input. You're fortunate to have such a pronounced experience (I'm presuming you found it reasonably enjoyable, or at least interesting).

Paul Smith

[Archive Note: Paul H. Smith, former U.S. Intell RV]

Hello Roger, Thank you for responding. You wrote...........

I had a few questions for you: How long of a "cooling down" period do you have prior to remote viewing the targets you have prepared?

I actually have to 'warm up'. I have found the TMI tapes, EEG entrainment, Hemi-sync music, etc might be good for ERV, but for me and CRV anyway, I need to be very alert! So I do the Crv sessions after excercising and I definitely do better.

How long are each of your sessions?

If I am just working on P1 and P2 with a possible P3 sketch, I would estimate 15 minutes, max. I am forcing myself to do three ideograms and use all three as total gestalt contributor counts for scoring + or -.

During your sessions do the mundane events of the day pop up during your sessions?

Yes, but those thoughts don't seem to interfere too badly. It's the NAG (Namer And Guesser) that I have trouble with.

Thanks for the tip about random number assignment. I'll give it a try.

I didn't mention that when I preselect a page# I also say 'or forward until the first photo in the upper left most' etc to predefine for blank page or multiple photos.


Bob, Thanks so much for coming out of the shadows, I just recently sort of did the same as far as this email group is concerned. .........(snip)

And I, too, have monitored this list for a short while. Such stimulating conversations!!

I've been quite interested in RV for about 18 months. I finally put the money on the line and took Farsight's Voyager (Introductory) course last month. It certainly opens a new world. It was well worth the gamble as I found I was able to do it. (Of _course_ I had doubts about it prior to attempting it.) After coming back, it took me a good 2 weeks to get grounded in everyday reality.

Currently I'm mulling over whether to go on to their intermediate level. None of these RV trainings are inexpensive. Perhaps it'll be like VCR's. Remember what they cost when they first came on the market?

One nice thing about tuning in here is that I get a beginning sense of the similarities in structure between SRV and CRV. It should not be surprising as so many of the schools have a common parent.

About the only negative thing I find on some of the RV sites is the occasional back-biting among adherents of different approaches. Luckily, this seems to be kept to a minimum, with only a few betraying very personal agendas and misrepresenting other's approaches.

We all can learn a lot from each other -- yes?

Rick S.

Greetings! Everyone else is coming out of the closet (er... shadows) so I will too! I have sent in a few questions into this list, but haven't formally introduced myself.

I first found out about RVing from reading Dave Morehouse's Psychic Warrior. It was a fascinating book, but I'm learning now to take the info presented there (and everywhere else, for that matter) with large grains of salt.

That book had a reference to Lyn's site on the internet, which I searched for and found. Lyn referred to Angela Thompson's site, and Angela Thompson referred to PsiTech and ... well you get the idea of surfing... I've read a lot about RVing and RV politics in the last 3 months.

I ordered (and just received) Inner Vision's RV101 course as my foray into RV to see how much I can learn at home before going off on a full blown course. I'm a little disappointed in the course, but I won't go in to that right now.

This E-mail group is great. There is so much good information coming through this forum, you could almost write a course based on the materials found here. I'm interested in other people's experiences in RVing, Home Study Courses, and all of the hints and suggestions that are presented here.

Thanks PJ, and thanks to all those who contribute so openly!!


Re: Paul Smith

Thanks for your comments regarding reception of emotions from a target. These emotional states were confirmed by the other party at the exact times I logged them.

I would like to mention another aspect of this experience. I never met this person and tried to remotely determine physical appearance.

What I picked up was an image representing the true personality. The image didn't match the physical appearance but did match the true self. The image was of a child movie star with the same exact personality as the target. This was confirmed by e-mail.

The entire experience was enjoyable in the fact that the feedback strengthened my belief that I was receiving something real. I began to learn how to interpret and understand the received emotions. It wasn't enjoyable because the received thoughts occupied a lot of my time. I had difficulty attending to my normal work routine. Yet, I had a strong desire to help this person work out certain personal problems by trying to send back telepathically an analysis and possible solutions.

I was even informed by e-mail that the target had a very real dream-like or semi awake experience of directly conversing with me about the same subject matter as the perceived emotions and thoughts. I was sound asleep at the time, but my unconscious could have been wide awake.

You did not completely answer my question regarding the nature of these received emotional thoughts. They seemed to seemed to be my own thoughts, but different.

What was your experience in this regard? How are telepathic emotions perceived?


Hiya Rich,

<<I have taken a break from RV because I feel that I am just spinning my wheels attempting to re-invent the wheel. From reading the many sources around the net and in the recent RV books there seems to be a lot of specific steps of methodology that are required and not generally published anywhere. I hesitate to continue on my own wondering if it is possible to develope some kind of bad habit that would hinder progress. I would hate to implement the "practice.. practice.. practice" exercise only to find I was going in the wrong direction.

Take a look at some of the 'hints for newbies' on the View From Here BBS [archives]. Try working with some of those and see if they help at all.

<<Other than suddenly being consistantly off target,

Does this infer that at one point you were at least occasionally ON target? Keep in mind that the mind often undergoes a couple of 'readjustment' periods once you begin this. Where you can just get to where you think you're doing well and suddenly nothing makes sense anymore. Sometimes your mind is sort of reorganizing how it communicates with you. Sometimes it is a subconscious response to unrealized ambivalence about psi data and your own abilities. There are a number of options... usually the recommendation is just to work through it. Remember that when you're beginning, the goal is not to get the target perfectly, the goal is to learn something about yourself.

<<the biggest question is how to get beyond 3/4/5 minutes into a session. Are there typically long gaps between data reception?

There can be. If you have a long 'gap' in data, though, refocus and retask yourself. If you get a certain recurring perception (e.g., "soft"), from your initial focus of 'describe the target', refocus yourself - write down, 'move to the soft and describe.' See if that helps at all; sometimes it can restart information flow.

I have found that just as I reach the point of fury and feeling like I'm getting nothing and/or am getting trash, is usually just when I'm starting to hit stage 3 and pick up dimensionals. My anger can dump me right out of the session just as I'm really starting to go into it. You have to be patient... give yourself at least 20 minutes. (Easy for me to SAY. <g>)

<<I have been wondering just what is being studied beyond the stuff described in the various books that covered geographical site travels and the picture in the envelope studies. This all done many, many years ago. Does anyone know what facets of remote viewing have been scientifically studied over the last 5/10 years?

You and a lot of other people have wondered! <g> Some of the things I know have been studied are things like TK; and things like the inherent energy of things (how strong or easy the targets are to psychic access); but I don't know anything about those, or anything else. Like I said, it's classified. Everybody's probably got a theory, but nobody except the scientists and subjects involved in those studies really knows what all they were doing. I wish the government would declassify it already. Inquiring minds want to know. :-)



>with Joe's success with ERV. BTW why doesn't Joe get a medal for his contributions to our country???? Maybe he's just a recognition casualty of security requirements.

He did--in fact, I was assigned to write it up back in--gee, what was it...? Guess it must have been late '83/early '84. He was awarded a legion of merit, which is about as high as it gets during peacetime for anybody that isn't a general. But you're right--it doesn't DIRECTLY mention either remote viewing itself or all the great things Joe did with it. Still, if you know about RV and read between the lines...


[Archive Note: Paul H. Smith, former U.S. Intell RV]

Hi viewers

Since i reacently got involved in RV i need some tips about how to practice remote viweing.

So if anyone of you have experienced something that made it easier for you to do remote viewing and dont have anything against sharing that experiance please mail me.

All other kinds of genaral tips are welcomed aswell.

best regards


>Re: tips about how to practice remote viweing.

Beside the PsiTech home remote remote viewing course, there are several products out on the market which you may find interesting to try.

Go to the PEAR, Inc. web site. http:/ or call them at 1-888-488-3206 toll free to order products.

They offer two products which were originally developed by the Princeton University Engineering Anomalities Research Lab.

One product, Shape Changer ($24.95) is very interesting. It is a computer game which demostrates telekinitic interaction with your computer. It does seem to work. My wife and I are having a good time with it. She is better than I. This game has far reaching implications on possible commercial applications for telekinisis.

The other, Inner Eye ($17.95), is a remote perception or remote viewing kit to demonstrate the validity of RV. The kit sets up RV experiments with two people and scores the results statistically to be better or less than pure chance.

I have not tried Inner Eye yet. If you are interested, get it from PEAR, Inc. We can set up RV sender/receiver experiments together.

Anyone else on this mail list is invited to join.


Hi Viewers,

Thought I'd give you an update on the CRV class I attended last weekend! This one was run by Lyn Buchanan, held in Seattle Washington. This was a group class (I had the course privately, about a year ago), with about 14 students there, not counting myself and Lael Buchanan.

I was a little skeptical about how training would do in group. (Two days in group, and then one day privately, is how it was set up.) It was nice to see that most everybody there had some basic knowledge of CRV, which can pretty much be attributed to the fact that there are now a number of web sites which provide basic information about the subject, its history, its science, its application, Q&A, practice targets, etc. I think this really improved the quality of the class. Not only were people properly prepared, and they understood what it was about, but those who chose to attend training were realistic -- they understood they'd have to work on mundane feedback targets, and they understood that it would take a good deal of time and hard work before they will be ready to move to the next level, let alone be considered an expert at this. So we were able to dispense with time spent educating people about that sort of thing, and get right into the methodologies themselves.

But everybody seemed to do well at it! I think most people realized that yes, they absolutely were getting data they had to be using psi for, and it wasn't general data that could be applied to just any target. They also realized that it takes a lot of practice to begin to understand yourself and how you work, and nail the process down well enough to get a sense of "depending on" and trusting one's ability to do it well. At first, you can certainly do some of it, but there's seldom any sense of "how they did it." (I don't know if one ever has that...?) It's always really exciting to realize you're doing it -- but confusing since you don't know HOW. :-)

I hope that at least half of them stick with practice and continue onward in the learning process. The world can sure use Viewers, from any school or method, as long as they're decent. There were a good number of professionals in the group, from a police captain, a regular police officer, a doctor, and others who I'd really like to see get more involved with the subject for the sake of using it in their careers. There's such a wide world of opportunity for RV and such a tiny number of Viewers, comparatively...

Buchanan basically taught a version of Swann's CRV with the exception of some of his own terminology; he gave people the Swann terminology where it was applicable, so I think, with luck, if all teachers of whatever method do this, we'll all be on the same page and will be able to talk with each other about it. Btw, Buchanan's CRV terminology manual is online at the firedocs site.

I think the training went great, I was surprised at how well it went with 2/3 of the class time spent in group, but as it turns out, the vast majority of basic training is lecture and simple practice anyway, so that really wasn't an issue. I hope those people on this email list who haven't had the interest or opportunity for formal training will consider it, it's a groovy experience.

P.S. #1 Just a note: for those of you who are former CRV students, or military or science Viewers, the private Viewer Forum opens in about a week. Email me your information for access (teacher's name or your experience, user name and password). Much of the detailed Q&A and hands-on talk that can only be gone over with in groups where everybody knows the methods can be dealt with there, and there's documents there that I couldn't make public, a chat room, a private snailmail target club, and I'd say about 160 targets in the target library so far.

P.S. #2 That reminds me: Since I do this sort of thing for a living, I am seriously considering making another (private) BBS/Chat site that would invite students of any structured methodology (CRV, TRV, SRV) to participate. I'm not sure how much conversation there would be to make it worth it. I have wondered, though, if we might get to know each other better and relations could become more friendly if that were to happen -- there aren't many of us and some kind of recognition of group goals and interests would sure be helpful in this field. If there are any TRV or SRV students or graduates in this email list (I know there are some of both groups lurking), let me know what you think, either publicly or privately. It costs me time and money to create and keep up, but I'm willing to do it free if people are willing to participate in a constructive manner. (It would be unmoderated by me, but private-password access.) I'd have to have the instructor's agreements though -- as they would have to send me the student username/password for entrance (or I'd have no idea who was a legit student of somebody) -- talk to your instructors and see what they say, if they don't agree there might not be any point to my doing it. I think it would be a positive move, and might help get around some of the politics in this field.


Hi All!

The last few times I have gone after data on Inner Visions Target List I have had some of my best (almost photographic) mental images while working the targets. Problem is, first one had little to do with the target. It was a great view of someones backyard and patio area. Last time I got a jumble of very strong but separate sensories, ie somebody yelled in my ear, "Grab The Racoon", followed by a car door closing , the image of a house in the woods and the sense of fear from from the house. Then Something about a missing teacher named Scather Lee. At this point I gave it up and went to bed. So I guess my question is this, how dose one get away from these things (either generated by the imagination and/or random data floating out there) so that the session can continue.

Thanks in advance.


MAY 03 1997 TO MAY 19 1997

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