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This is an archive file of the public Viewer [VWR] email list. This list is sponsored by the private Viewer Forum, hosted by Paradigm Systems and Design, and owned and operated by PJ Gaenir. It is dedicated to discussion of the practical aspects, theories and experience of formal psychic methodologies such as Controlled Remote Viewing, and independent efforts by the public interested in working under the formal RV protocol (the set of rules which define "remote viewing" as the term was coined in a science lab). You can find details, rules, and a form for joining the email group here. The list is moderated during operation and archiving. I remove last names and detail locations of contributors (within the archives) for privacy, and signatures for space conservation. I have added notes marking the posts from former U.S. intelligence remote viewers. Archiving of posts is done manually and may not include all posts.

This is the thirty-second archive.

October 1997

Well, Charles, not to be argumentative, but as a philosopher you ought to know better than to make sweeping generalizations!

At 07:47 AM 10/8/97 +0000, you wrote: As per AOL drive, most CRV people out there are no longer using that term..ditto for AOL peacocking, matching vs none matching AOL and several more terms viewers had to learn (and use) under the original methods.

I generally agree with your comments on remote viewing morality (wow--a new acronym: "RVM"!). But I had to give you a tongue lashing for this rather egregious statement (my apologies in advance).

Myself and all of my students are still using these terms, as are all (except Lyn) of the former unit's CRVers that are still actively viewing (this would include Mel Riley, Liam, Greg "Sloan," and a number of others still unknown to the rest of the community). Since I've failed to encounter a situation where these labels were not perfectly adequate, I see no reason to change them. I know that you have had opportunity to visit with Ingo, but unless he has changed HIS use of these terms within the last year or so, even HE is still using them. Now I realize that Dames, Brown, and Lyn have all changed the CRV terminology in various ways--some perhaps for good reasons, some for bad--and if you added all of their students up you might indeed arrive at the point where you could legitimately use the word "most." Still, I wonder if you would want to consider some of these systems particularly authoritative when it comes to coining words for CRV...? The majority is not always right.



[Archive Note: Paul Smith, former U.S. Intell RV]

Lyn wrote: Those who believe that we should all sign conscientious objector cards and head for Canada don't like to project a little further and realize that both the US and<<< Canada would now be speaking Russian and would have no religion or morals to bother us about whether we killed people or not. Problem solved.

This is almost a Part B post to another I made this evening about morality. Please bear with me in my extension of Lyn's metaphor. It is relevent to Remote Viewing. We in Canada often carry a self righteous attitude regarding the US. "Look at what those bastards are doing in . . . (name any country). The point of morality is, I feel, a rather spurious one.

I have, on more than one occasion, asked my fellow liberals whether they would prefer sleeping with those damned hot-dog munching Yanks or running for their lives from Russian tanks through the frozen wastelands of Canada. After they blink, I usually follow up with what amounts to as little more than a sharp history lesson. As it's my view that new-age'ism is an offshoot of big-L liberalism, I point out that without a powerful military watching out for our well being that history will indeed prove itself repeatable. The tanks will roll in and crush our new-age belief systems right into our beloved permafrost. The Swiss may be neutral but they have a terrific army reminding everyone that they don't really want to kill anyone.

What does this have to do with Remote Viewing? We can't pass our sense of morality onto our co-viewers, monitors, taskers or whomever. It's an impossible question. I personally would have felt crushed had I been in Lyn's position. Someone may have died because of something I did? It's a loss of innocence to be sure. What would you do if your 6 year old boy was being raped by a Russian soldier? Call the Pleidians? Chant a mantra? Quote Marx? And if you happened to be carrying a gun? Then again maybe the soldier was helping your injured son out of a ditch. And you only figured it out after you killed him. You live with it.

All we can do is hope that the majority of our co-viewing community operates with a reasonable amount of integrity. And that includes causing someone's death. Because that person just may have been carrying mustard gas under his airline seat. And our morality may have stopped someone from averting a greater disaster. And maybe not.

The ratio of integrity to pathology will remain with us whether we are Red Cross volunteers or Viewers.

Let's consider it a moot point and stop projecting our values onto Lyn and others like him.

Embracingly and lovingly yours, may we all remain in the Light of the . . .

oh, man, it's late & I've lost it . . . ;-)

Rick L

Hiya all

After I get trained in CRV, I want to get trained in ERV. ERV, to me, seems so more interesting. Can one of yous ex-millitary viewers tell me if Angela Thompson's ERV course is anything like what you guys were trained in and if not do any of yous know where one can be trained.

Thanks John

ERV seems to have several definitions and there are several people teaching it. Inner Vision teaches several remote viewing techniques including ARV, Coordinate Remote Viewing, ERV, outbounder protocols, PEAR protocols, etc.

According to Lyn Buchanan's definition of ERV as " a controlled situation wherein a "monitor" keeps watch over the "viewer" until the "viewer" reaches the hypnogogic state. The "monitor" is trained to keep the "viewer" in this state while asking questions". etc. You can access Lyn's full quote on the VWR archives Sept. 26th, 1997. This definition of Lyn's definitely covers many of the techniques that Inner Vision offers. Lyn attended an earlier course of mine and has knowledge of some of the techniques that are offered. If you send a post office address, I will send you free information about ERV courses offered by Inner Vision.

Kind regards
Angela Thompson Smith

Moderator's Note: Even ARV and 'Coordinate' RV have a number of different definitions. We just do this to confuse everyone... -- PJ

Actually, I should set the record straight ... Angela would be the first to admit that her course ISN'T much like the military ERV methodology. I'm pretty sure that no one is presently teaching any kind of ERV class comparable to what was done at Ft. Meade--in fact, I'm beginning to think Skip Atwater could probably set up quite a cottage industry offering training in ERV (though given the nature of it, acquiring adequate skill would probably be more time consuming than CRV). I have copies of vugraphs that Skip is using in a presentation out in Colorado this weekend on remote viewing. If anyone's interested, next week after he's back I'll ask him if I can include his verbiage explaining ERV in an e-mail to the viewer group


[Archive Note: Paul Smith, former U.S. Intell RV]

Hi Paul and everyone;

As a military ERVer, trained by Skip, I really should have something important to say on the topic. I don't. That will not stop me from saying something anyway. I really do not know how Skip trained me (I can see Tom nodding his head, and saying see Irish alzheimers). I never attended Monroe Institute (contrary to some rumors). I think most of the ERVers that came before me did. I was already a pretty good CRVr (that is my Irish modesty). The ERVers that came before me were not. I do not recall Skip talking about altered states and anything similar. We simply started doing some practice sessions. I had watched Joe work, so I was not completely in the dark. I did some outbounds with Paul and another member of the unit as the targets. I recall vividly, one session, where Paul went to a very large store in Laurel, Maryland with a huge arched roof. It was a good session, and gave me a lot of confidence. It also showed me that, at least for me, the site on the signal line is not exactly like the site in this world. Today I work both CRV and ERV.I do not know how I do ERV. I am worried that if I try and figger it out I might spoil it. So I just do it.

I have had some luck teaching some relatives to ERV. They all were trained in CRV first. I have absolutely no idea how to train a non-CRVer in ERV.

For having nothing important to say, I sure rambled on.

Gene; Sorry I missed you in Belgium. Shawn almost caught you in Heidelberg. I did not know you wanted to have a personal meet. I thought you wanted to meet in the ether. I waited 45 minutes for you. It was not wasted time as I met a nice man named jimmy Hoffa. I think he is associated with the NY Giants football team or the stadium in some way. He mentioned that since RVers travel (in a way) we should join the Teamsters Union.

Best wishes all and

May the Force be with you,


[Archive Note: Liam, former U.S. Intell RV]

The problem with my Mormon colleague is that when he speaks with me he catches the faint aroma of Guiness on my breath and it insults his Utah based sensibilities and he forgets completely what he told me. The fact is that I actually taught (actually am still teaching) a person to do ERV over the computer without ever being in the same room... He has had amazing success thus far (which is often true of early viewers incidentally)... The real test will be when he gets arrogant and begins to cut one of the many protocol corners I provided to him as the steps he must take to enter the altered state and to attain and "travel" to his sanctuary in the process of finally arriving at the target. We will overcome that when it occurs but I thought it was really interesting I could establish enough trust in him to have him follow my instructions to the letter and he zipped off and did what I wanted him to do.... Nows I will polish him off with time travel, intra-personality descriptions, post session art, "EI / AI / AOL / AOLdrive recognition (still using those old trite terms...). Before anyone asks, I am still working with him and will not work with anyone else until I feel comfortable I have successfully prepared him. After this "student" I have one other person in mind to train but I have to gain her confidence first... Anyhow... don't ask me for help for a while... then we'll see... Gene...

[Archive Note: Gene Kincaid, former U.S. Intell RV]

I actually taught (actually still teaching) a person to do ERV over the computer...

Breaking new ground for sure. What prospects this suggests.... What would a world without secrets be? (Far in the future, right...)

But seriously, it would demand/create an utterly different arrangement of society.

God speed the plough then (I think).

Tom C

I do not know how I do ERV. <snip> I have had some luck teaching some relatives to ERV.


Is this an Irish joke ?


You know Jean Luc... people don't really understand what electricty is... the scientific community (with which you seem to be wed at the hip) is still arguing that one... but I can still turn on a switch and still teach my kids to turn on a switch... I don't need to know the total concept surrounding a combustible engine to be able to teach my son to drive a car... So, you see it's not an Irish joke... both Liam and I will be certain to let you know when we are attempting an Irish joke... in the meantime... don't be too concerned in trying to explain how or why RV works... just accept that it does... if that doesn't suffice for you... go prove or disprove Big Bang or something else as exacting and replicable.... Gene...

[Archive Note: Gene Kincaid, former U.S. Intell RV]

I was wondering whether the military RV training manuals were declassified and how to get a hold of one. On the other hand, are the SRI procedures, written and available?

Finally, now that the Ed Dames module 1 video is available, can anyone out there review it in comparison to content vs. live training.

Much appreciation.


While I was in the unit there was a constant initiative to get some sort of manual written...that's the way the military works...but we were learning so much each day that we could never really nail down a baseline and until I left manuals were never written.. Maybe Paul or Lyn knows if anything like a manual ever got put to paper... Gene...

[Archive Note: Gene Kincaid, former U.S. Intell RV]

Dear Bill and all,

I was strongly against Ed coming out with a training tape for the same reasons I have always been against a "how-to" book or tape. There are points in the learning of CRV at which the hands-on training of the student is an absolute requirement. CRV training could be considered at the martial arts training of the parapsychological world. You wouldn't read a book on karate and go out and get into a fight, nor would you watch a tape on how to fold parachutes, and proceed to fold one yourself without anyone there to check it, and go jump out of a plane. Most people, however, think that the mind is somehow much simpler a thing than body movements, and would gladly read a book or watch a tape on CRV and proclaim themselves "trained remote viewers". I have always felt that people would watch such a tape as Ed made and hurt themselves in some psychological way.

The very process of learning CRV - of setting up a line of communication between your conscious and subconscious minds - can be fraught with potential psychological dangers.

I received a copy of Ed's tape, and after watching it, have been very relieved to see that there is no way anyone will ever run any risk of such danger from watching it.


[Archive Note: Lyn Buchanan, former U.S. Intell RV]

Maybe Paul or Lyn knows if anything like a manual ever got put to paper... Gene

Paul wrote a "manual" which explained the stages of CRV, what they meant, and the format which were used in them. Paul wrote most of the "manual", except for the fact that stage 6 was only about 3 pages long. I wrote another 18 or so pages on Stage 6 functioning, but Paul didn't add them to his manual, insisting that they go as a separate document. The "separate document" has since been lost, but the material which was in it is now a part of the manual I use for training my students.

Ed got a copy of Paul's manual and changed all of the references which said "CRV" to "TRV", but forgot to change the title on the cover. For a while there, he was giving his students copies of the manual Paul wrote, with only the "CRV" taken out of it. Copies of that are floating around somewhere, I'm sure. Change the "T" back to "C" and delete every reference to Ed or his company and you'll have the manual used in the military. Paul did a lot of good work on it. It is an excellent historical document. It is not, however, a "how-to" book, nor was it ever meant to be. So if someone wants to get it to learn CRV, you're wasting your time and effort. Paul meant it to be a document. He did not write it to be a "how-to" book, and it isn't.


[Archive Note: Lyn Buchanan, former U.S. Intell RV]

You wouldn't read a book on karate and go out and get into a fight...

I've always felt that RV was like a martial art, though J*ni never really agreed with me on that, but that is another story that PJ won't let me get into! :-( But having studied and taught Karate for many years, the discipline and training seem to be quite similar. Make a move or series of moves and get feedback, and correct mistakes. And keep practicing.

And because you and I agree that it is like a martial art (could almost be called a martial art, since it was used by the military, and it is an art) I must partially disagree with you on the book/tape/video belief.

I agree that the best way to learn a disciplined art is to have an instructor: they provide instant feedback, pointers and support, and, most importantly, motivation. But you can learn many things from books and videos. You wouldn't read a book on karate, and go out and get into a fight.

But you can read a book on karate, and begin practicing karate, and you can become a very good beginner on your own. I've had 2 students in the last 5 years who have come to me saying they've been training on their own for the last 2 years or more, learning from books. Both were very good beginners. One is now a very fine martial artist, and will likely pass his black belt exam in November, after training with our club for the last 4 years. The other didn't like the classroom atmosphere, and the group practice, and quit within 5 months, and has gone back to solo training. He will likely not become a good martial artist. He's at the stage where he needs to work with others, and to have guidance and real feedback. But he could fare reasonably well in a fight...

BTW, karateka (karate students) are not supposed to go out and get into fights!

But my point is, I believe that you can become a reasonably good beginner from a book or tape, and then utilise an instructor who can push you to becoming a good practitioner.

In fact, using advice from this list, from PJ, and your web site, I believe I have become a resonably good beginner, and will soon be looking for an instructor. I've been convinced that it works from first hand experience, which is the only way to be convinced. Now I want to get good at it!

BTW, in my opinion, the most important thing classes and an instructor give the student is motivation (in the form of regular training, and a boot in the butt to get it moving!). Having been an instructor for a while, I have the skills now to correct and teach myself. But it really helps to have someone pushing you and forcing you to train. Spending several thousand $$ on an RV course would have the same effect on most people!!

You also said: I received a copy of Ed's tape, and after watching it, have been very relieved to see that there is no way anyone will ever run any risk of such danger from watching it.

There are lots of people out there practicing now, and from what I've seen of PSITECH's website, they are getting positive, though rudimentary, results. But tape 2 is coming next month, apparently.

Mike CT

Recently I ran across a book many RVers will find interesting. It's "Searching for Memory" by Daniel Schacter of Harvard. It's directed to the general reading public so don't let the Harvard part bother you. The reason I think RVers might want to read this is because of the connection to some operations in memory and UFO's E.T.s, etc. Generally, memory gets a bad name as a party to producing AOL. That might be true but many of the descriptions of how memory functions may throw somelight on RV (especially if you accept that memory is a filter that correct data has to "pass" through).

Charles D

Having read everything on the net I can find in the past 10 days, I did my very very first target totally blind. (BTW it came off the net.) intending to follow protocols. However, as I drew the ideo, very quickly, a strong flow of impressions began. Please bear with me on this.

I drew a horizontal line from left to right, for 1/2", which then curved downwards into the vertial for 4 - 5", before curving foreward and everso slightly upwards again for about 1". Across the last inch I drew 4 diagonal lines, leaning back. \\\\

I wrote, feels oily, black, depressing, dropping, square, choking, cloying, like "Riker" in the black ooze. Smothering. Barbs catching, dragging at throat. Death. Pisces. Oceans.

I stopped there. It wasn't a pleasant feeling, but I'm perfectly OK about it. Logging back on, I found the Target was Titanic, current.

Actually, I don't know what my question is. But I trust someone will assist me with the answer.


Moderator's note: that reminds me of that old gag about, "Psychic Hotline, what's your ques-- never mind. We know." ;-) -- PJ

Hi Mary;

Great job!!! I am very impressed. Before I go any further, I want to make sure you have read PJ's post dated about 1108 AM, 11 Oct. If you have not, read it now and I will wait.

[Archivist Note: He is referring to a post found later in the archives regarding ego et al.]

Good. I guess you realize that you got a whole lot more information than just stage 1. That is not bad, it just is not Ingo. BTW please, please, take everything I say and everything anyone else says with a grain (hell a kilo) of salt. We are just giving our opinions, and as PJ so eloquently pointed out our egos frequently get in the way.

IMO The question you want to ask yourself is do I want to learn the CRV structure or do I want to keep going the way I am now and see what happens. I have no suggestions, your choice.

I would guess you have some pyschic background to have so much come in the first time out. I think there are a lot of psychic things happening which people do not really consider as psychic. For example; charismatic church groups, American Indian sweat Lodges and vision quests, driving on the LA Freeway for over three years and not being killed by an idiot, and so on.

Regardless. I suspect that there was a little ERV mixed in with your CRV session. That is only a possibility. My wife, Sandy, had a psychic background and I think that is maybe how she works. (Note the qualifiers I am throwing in every other word. That is because we just do not have enough knowledge to make any certain statements.) Maybe we can call this CERV or RVCE.

What we have been able to do with Sandy is impose some structure at the beginning of the session and towards the end use some more free flowing ERV like (AOL or whatever the new agers call it) info gathering.

In Ingo CRV it does not matter what the ideogram looks like the only thing that matters is the feeling and motion of the ideogram. As I said in an earlier post, the first time I ever gave my wife coordinates her ideogram was actually a stage 3 sketch. Please do not misunderstand me. I am not suggesting you try to limit your info coming in to feeling and motion. It is certainly an option, but I am not suggesting it is the best one.

One last thing. You obviously did not go the titanic in current time. You went to where the action is or rather was. I think that is pretty common and had you been working with a monitor he could have moved you to the correct time, or if he was working blind he could have done that on the next session.

I think PJ, Paul, or Lyn probably have something on line about CRV structure. If not write to me off line and I will help.

If you keep trying to work in the CRV structure and the above keeps happening and you decide you want to try CERV write me off line.

The above opions are strictly that, opinions (however you spell that). Please do not take them as gospel.

Welcome to Rv Mary. It is a whole new journey. IMO the important thing is to enjoy the trip and not take ourselves too seriously.

It is a poor imagination that can only spell a word one way.

May the Force be with you,


[Archive Note: Liam, former U.S. Intell RV]

Check your protocols... you did a bit of jumping between 1-4-2-3 etc... etc... Glad you found the target but to be quite truthful... if you had used proper protocols you would have probably been even more amazed to find out things... like the fact of water, lots of it, the sensation of the feeling of the ship, a little jumping back and forth in time would have given you a sensation of sinking... etc... by leap frogging your phases... you missed all that... there is reason to stay in protocols... it allows you to accept the target in acceptable pieces.. in other words it allows you to "eat the whole elephant one bite at a time...." Gene...

[Archive Note: Gene Kincaid, former U.S. Intell RV]

you did a bit of jumping between 1-4-2-3

Yes, I am aware I didn't hold myself to the structure. It all just happened so fast. And it was my first effort, after all.

I am doing this without any training, without having ever spoken to anyone on the subject, with little knowledge other than Tips for Newbies from PJs site and the SRV manual off a Website. I seem to be following the Nike path

I take note of your comments and fully accept them and intend to learn from them. If you will pardon the pun on the theme, I am still floundering about in the water. Looking for folks like your good self to throw me a line. Should I stem the flow when it comes, or follow it. Especially If its there, washing all over you. More puns, sorry.

I am going to have to learn to monitor myself. Eg I hadn't considered doing a little jumping back and forth in time ."

I was thrilled to get the people caught in the Titanic event, and the sketch suggesting its sinking. However, unless the ship is haunted, I didn't get the Titanic or current. If the target is Titanic current, am I meant to have RV'd the rusting hulk at the bottom of the sea, If so, what I got could be interpreted as a complete failure. Building an internal rapport is not going to be easy on that basis.

All advice is welcome.



I am going to have to learn to monitor myself. Eg I hadn't considered doing "a little jumping back and forth in time ." All advice is welcome.

I think Joe McM. in one of the interviews I've read (citation, PJ?) suggests that the serial time sequence we're used to is an artifact, and that in some more basic way everything is always happening now. The challenge then is to learn to fine tune what you encounter out there.

This message likely is a classic case of rushing in where angels fear to tread. Liam will probably set me straight. I haven't told him yet about the leprechaun I saw once, little guy in a brown jumper, sitting on a nice big rock by the side of the road in Northern Ontario, comfortable as a snail he looked. About 50 miles from anywhere it was.


Just a quick note to ya Mary and all the other newbies, like myself.

There is a section in Joe McMoneagle's book "Mind Trek" about the importance on bridging the gap between believing in RV and knowing RV. This is a very, very important aspect in RVing development.

Hope that helps some


Moderator's Note: In fact, some of that text is online in an excerpt from the book the publisher provided. You can find info on Joe and the book et al. on the Firedocs Featured page, or directly at: -- PJ

Mary, Welcome to the wonderful world of the.... Just Do It!! RV'er. There are many out here doing and learning at the same time while we wait for the Big Kahuna ( Formal CRV Training ) :) Just keep in mind you can do it your own way until then and get very good results. Structure or no structure IT WORKS!!!!

Good and Happy Hunting,


If, while working CRV, I attempt to filter every piece of information through a moral barometer, I would be in AOL drive before I was half through stage 1. In addition, when I am on target, I am usualy so zonked that fine moral decisions may be beyond me.

I just have to contribute here, folks. That's the kind of mood I'm in tonight.

There's a lot of comment regarding morality, etc. A thing is what it is. Morality is so plastic and era-sensitive that to label a process (RV'g) moral or otherwise is to CREATE AN IMPEDIMENT toward reaching into that right brain of ours for our sensations. As Liam points out about the guilt ridden Catholic mind, don't add to the load on the camel's back! If the issue of morality remains in the foreground while in "sensory mode" a block is inserted into accessing your information. I believe you call this left brained concern an Analytic OverLay. Creative people go out of their way to short circuit their "editing" mind long enough so that they don't have to worry about making judgments on themselves. As a professional imager (photographer) I shoot first and contemplate later. I edit my slides according to impact, not rules. If the parameters are "Select images that reveal the sensitivity of the aged" I ignore the ship coming out of the sunset. Why? The impact of the dying grandmother caressing her crying grandchild fits the parameters. If I edited out the photo because "people will get upset", "the topic is about death-yuk", "the ship pic is so much prettier", etc. I would be out of the parameters - out of context. Worrying about morality during a session strikes me as counter productive and certainly out of context. However, as Liam also points out about his belly button, an individual can layer a very personal prime directive (morality) over any outside requests. But this layer would be operating transparently in the viewer's background as a general parameter, not as a conscious issue to be dealt with every time a viewer sneezed. If this personal parameter was violated then Liam's knot would, hopefully, make itself known.

My brain may not always know what is right or wrong, but there is a point about three inches behind my belley button that acts up when I try rationalize immoral behavior. I try to listen to that.

Warm regards,

Rick L

I just got an email from an acquaintance of mine. He was offering me a job. Then he mentioned that he wasn't sure he wanted a psychic working for him, that he wasn't sure he wanted someone knowing his innermost thoughts.

This isn't the first time I've heard this reaction to my remote viewing. Actually there have been two predominant reactions.

1) That I'll invade someone's private life and thoughts

2) That the origins of Remote Viewing are too spooky (spook-infested?) and *that* seems dark to many people

So far I've assured people that neither of these "influences" or "potentials" have any bearing on me and how I use remote viewing, or intend to use it, but on a society-wide basis these ideas can and will have an impact on we remote viewers, particularly as our numbers grow.

Any comments?


I just got an email from an acquaintance of mine. He was offering me a job. Then he mentioned that he wasn't sure he wanted a psychic working for him, that he wasn't sure he wanted someone knowing his innermost thoughts.

Well that sucks! I don't generally tell anybody with a potential to be an employer about my personal interests... (like currently having around nine 'fringe' and 'parapsychology' web sites/clients is just a helluva coincidence... word of mouth, yeah, that was it! <g>). Though I guess you wouldn't know they had that employer potential if they were just an email acquaintance...

Any comments?

Well if he's gonna be THAT way about it, maybe you should tell him that he'd damn well better hire you or you're going to tell everybody something you KNOW he doesn't want known...


But seriously.... hmmmn. That's a hard one.

To me, the response to psychics is a little like the response I see to gays. (Bear with me on this one... <g) Many people immediately assume the person is going to be spending their time probing their intimate thoughts (bodies, or...). It's really a helluva ego trip -- ... as if they'd even WANT to or care.


In response to Skyes post on the reactions of people. I agree that the corporate world is still not real accepting of this type of activity. As a long time corporate exec. I keep my interest and my background very quiet. It's easier to explain that my success is based on long histories of experience, education and thinking power (I love that one), than it is that I am a psychic. My boss, a fundamental Christian, is more interested in demonstrating that he is one, than his approach to business. Better to keep it quiet, than public there. After all, my personal business and my professional are separate and should stay that way.

Rob A

Any comments?

Yes - it serves as a reminder to RV'ers and us wannabe's that context rules the day. Given the proper context (ie.: what frame of reference people are coming from) witch hunts could quite conceivably still occur. The likelihood? Virtually nil, I suspect. What with the X-Files, icons of Grays everywhere, an overwhelming belief in UFO's, etc. I doubt anything too dramatic will happen. It all sort of paves the way for the next phase - The Freak Psychic Weird World of the Remote Viewer routine.

But, still, I think it is a good idea to introduce any new idea rather gently and slowly. Create the new context ;-)

Warm regards,

Rick L

October 1997

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