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Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 10:47:00 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kopfjaeger <heimdallassociates@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: [VWR]-Digest: V2 #72

> It's like - don't you think that your subconscious should
> 'know' what you are 'thinking' - not just what you're 'asking'?
> It 'feels' like it's a lot more disconnected that you would like to
> think. Anyone else notice this?


Yes, someone has. Which brings up the question...what part does 'spook
assistance' play in RV. The need for precision in tasking, IMHO smacks
of a channeling (horrors!) aspect. Although I should be content with
the knowledge that RV works, I'm still compelled to find the origin of
the info. "I gots ta know!" If not spooks, perhaps some sort of
accessing of Akashic Records (requiring Dewey Decimal precision)???
I would love to hear what long-time RV'ers have surmised from their


Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 09:11:20 +0200
From: "Liam " <liam@zmatrix.com>
Subject: [VWR] Gentleman Gene?

>Come on Pru. The lad can turn the Irish Charm on when he wants to,
>but under the Celtic charm the man is a barbarian.

>>Hmmmmmmm..... Gene said the same thing about you, Liam! Now what am
>>I to believe??? Of course, he didn't eat while we were together,
>>so the myth continues...

Hi Pru;

This just proves what I said earlier. Gene and the truth are
complete and total strangers to each other. Gene does know his Celtic
history and folklore and he is one of the best ERV monitors around.
Neither of these skills however, require any moral aptitude or
cultural depth. I think nature compensates these recessive types by
providing them with innate cunning and cleverness. It is the RV
equivalent to an idiot savant.

>>I heard some great stories about remote viewing during the Reagan
>>era, though, and got instruction on how to deal with the "little
>>people." Sound advice, all the way around!

I am glad Gene was able to fill you in on the "wee folk," that way
the time you were forced to spend with him was not a complete waste.
Once again thanks for the great job you did filling in for PJ.

May the force be with you

Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 07:37:02 -0700
From: Marilyn Huff <huff@idt.net>
Subject: [VWR] Pictures without wrinkles

I sent MaryD this info by private email, but here it is for others.

I found a spray adhesive at an artist supply store. The brand I have is
"DURO" All-Purpose Spray Adhesive. I'm sure there are several brands. I
was not sure MaryD would find it in England. It is not expensive and
one can lasted for about 600 pages.

This adhesive makes it possible to reposition the photo, if you get it
in the wrong place. You also need to put down papers because it tends to
float around. My kitchen floor got pretty sticky until I started working
on newspaper

How this helps.


Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 13:47:52 PDT
From: "A. Binewsky" <taosk8r@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: [VWR]-Digest: V2 #77

>From: "John Krimes" <aaaaa@ptdprolog.net>
>*SNIP* I believe I, and other newbies, fail(unable to obtain_any_
>information) at CRV because of the inability to quiet the mind. Does
>any one have suggestions and how did you experts overcome this

Well, I'm no expert, (I just play one online), but here's a couple of
ideas that may be helpful.. The first is you might wanna look into
Robert A. Monroe's tapes, (And many similar binaural beat frequency type
deals), they will bring about the nessecary clear mind state, as will
any number of Light & Sound Devices (Brain machines).. As a matter of
fact, here's a link http://www.cerebrex.com (I HOPE dats rite, if not,
I'll be baq..) They have a link to this way cool little freeware app
called flasher (The only downside to this app is it doesn't ramp ya
through the states, you hafta set it manually, and this kinda tends to
interrupt your focus on the state).. That'll take you through all the
sleep states through entrainment just like RAM's stuph.. Of course the
caveat is that once you learn the 'feel' of these states, you gotta wean
yourself from da machine, and learn to enter the states solo.. That way
you avoid dependency, and any hindrance to other activities caused by
the physical process of using these techniques..

- -Tao_Sk8r

Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 09:11:20 +0200
From: "Liam " <liam@zmatrix.com>
Subject: [VWR] Squids

>The problem - I missed the squid!
>There was a big hole in the sketch where squid should have gone.
>Instead, in my sketch, I hit movement, cold, black water - yep.
>Squid - nope. Looking at the ideogram afterward, there was clearly
>a recognizeable symbol for lifeforms. In almost every one, but I
>missed it. So here's the question: (finally) Is it allright to go
>back to the ideogram and add information to a sketch/analysis/both
>(that isn't allready there) without risking AOL?

Hi Eric;

I will not make any snide comments about your squid target. It would
be hard to top what your wife has undoubtedly said to you. I find
ridicule and degradation is much more effective coming from a loved
one than from a complete stranger.

Congratulations!!!! I think you nailed the site (depending what your
intent was). It is highly unlikely that squid is still swimming in
the same place as when the picture was taken. Now if your intent was
to view the feedback (and not the place) what you have is a stage
one success and a stage 4 failure. Living creatures at the site are
not something stage one is designed to locate (one exception I will
cover in a moment). Stage four is where you normally find that
information, after AI (atheistic Impact= your declaration of how the
site is affecting you). In stage one you have one finger tentatively
grasping the signal line and are trying to hold on before it slips
away. By stage four you have both hands wrapped around the signal
line and are riding it where ever it takes you.

A possible exception is the ideogram taken after a stage three
movement exercise. This will sometimes give you the information that
there is life at the site. Of course by this time you have
experienced AI and are pretty firmly locked unto site.

The lesson here is to not expect to much from stage one. Stage one
will not give you much more than the general gestalt of the site.
IMHO it is the most difficult part of CRV. But it MUST be learned
because it is your gateway to the signal line and the more fun stages
which come later.

Eric, please tell your wife that if she ever has any problems
coming up with appropriate comments and insults for you, she should
feel free to contact myself or Gene at anytime and we will be glad to
make suggestions.

I enjoy your posts, please keep them coming.

May the force be with you

Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 09:11:20 +0200
From: "Liam " <liam@zmatrix.com>
Subject: [VWR] Ingo Swann

>Is it true that Ingo Swann got a patent on his remote viewing
>protocol? Can someone give me that number?

Hi Shelley;

Ingo developed CRV for the Army. The Army bought CRV as a two part
package. The first part was an agreement with Ingo to teach CRV to
four persons (At the last minute Ed Dames's unit agreed to send Ed to
training and the number was increased to five persons). The second
part of the package was the CRV training protocol, which Ingo agreed
to let the Army teach. This was part of the written contract. So the
CRV process really belongs to the US Army.

BTW, I do not believe Ingo personally uses CRV when he remote views.
I do not think there is a systematic way to teach RV the way Ingo
does it. Ingo used the way he remote views as a base, and then did
extensive reading and research to come up with a way to approximate
his personal style, put it into teachable steps or stages and
perfected it as he taught it. The fact that he was able to do this
and develop a system that is teachable in a relatively short time is
a tribute to his genius.


Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 09:18:00 -0500
From: Craig Hogan <rchogan@rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu>
Subject: RE: [VWR] Hawai'i Remote Viewers' Guild Web Site

Dear Yaana,

I'm new so I don't know what the URL is for your page. Could you please email it to me. Thanks.

Craig Hogan

- ----------------
Moderator's Note: I think it's something like http://www.hrvg.com/ ?
- --PJ

Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 09:14:38 -0500
From: Craig Hogan <rchogan@rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu>
Subject: RE: [VWR] Skeptic page

Dear Paul,

I'm new to this newsgroup. Could you tell me what the page is that =
you're describing? Also, I'm able to "read" my fiance's mind when she's =
looking at something. I found it out by accident. She was in another =
room rummaging around while I tried to remote view what she was =
rummaging through. I started getting complete images of lakes, =
streams, trees, sunsets. I called her in and said if she wasn't looking =
through a book of nature pictures, we might as well call it a night. =
She said she wasn't. She was just looking at a map. But it was a map =
marked with all of the canoe trips she had taken in the wilderness and =
she was imagining how it would be there now. I was seeing the images in =
her mind. We later tried having her hold three playing cards and look =
at them. I was able to see what she was seeing. When she held them =
together in a fan, I saw the number in the top left and row of the suit. =
.For example, I saw a 9 but three clubs and couldn't figure it out. It =
turned out I was seeing the 9 in the upper left corner of the center =
card in the fan with a strip of three clubs on the left because the =
others were hidden by the next card overtop of the 9 of clubs.

How does remote viewing relate to seeing images in someone's mind? I =
did very well on the Controlled Remote Viewing home page, with 90% to =
100% accuracy on four targets (but completely off on two). =20

By the way, I'm genuine in my approach to this. I'm a business =
professor at Illinois State University and have no room for something I =
can't demonstrate to be true. I just tried remote viewing after reading =
Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness and found out it works for me.

R. Craig Hogan, Ph.D.

- -----------
Moderator's Note: Craig I don't know what emailer you're using, but
it's doing some real weird things to the text. I've edited out tons
of encoded stuff from all your messages. Perhaps your settings are
checked for 8-bit instead of MIME? Just a note. -- PJ

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