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Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 08:14:26 EDT
From: Curran2106 <Curran2106@aol.com>
Subject: Re: [VWR]-Digest: V2 #74

In a message dated 98-04-24 03:08:23 EDT, you write:
>Come on guys! Your comments imply that someone can't avoid AOL in
>an ERV mode of operation. If I'm supposed to be doing ERV (at
>least that's what everyone has been calling it but me) then, that
>is just not true. Also, are you guys implying that AOL "almost
>never happens" in the CRV mode? That would be just a wee bit over
>the top for me. (You must have been hitting the sauce again, Laim?
>Of course Gene, being Irish has an excuse.)

Joe...oh august font of knowledge .. founding father etc...That is
not what Liam nor myself said nor implied (though it was late at
night and I for one was in a bit of a hurry to get to the Pub before
last call)...What was meant (through our bleery eyes) was that AOL in
ERV (when it happens) tends to drift quickly into AOL drive due to
the intensity of the images arriving in the hynogogic state. It is
especially prevalent in new students who still have the tendency to
want to "lable an item" rather than desribe it thus setting thes
stage for a merry jaunt down the trail of AOL. As the viewer gets
more experience (and of course with the assistane of a highy
qualified monitor such as myself), the use of good protocols will
tend to avoid AOL but even you cannot state the AOL never occurs
after you have attained expert status. There is simply too much data
out there and the temptation is always there to grab at bits and
pieces of that data and read it into the equation. As to whether
either version of RV'ing...the deeper hynogogic dependent
(Wolfgang--I will use that instead of ERV since the term always sets
you on edge)...the more dependent Wolfgang style of RV or the Ingo
Swann derived CRV have greater abilities to ID AOL when it
happens...Well, actually in CRV the monitor has little to do except
to keep the Viewer in the right protocols while in Wolfgand, the
monitor has the abiliity to assist the Viewer in discarding AOL when
it occurs by simple statements.."Do not tell me what it is..describe
it to me..." etc. As to who invented Wolfgang..chicken or egg
question Joe...and it goes along with the explanation of RV that Liam
and espouse...it is magic and that is enough..just do it...! and
another thing, with me only two hours away ... how come I never get
invited to Nellysford when you begin cracking open the Guinness...??
Warmest regards...Gene... (and by the way..Liam and I discussed it at
lenght and we forgive you for being a SIGINTer...you were young and
not well advised...)

- ------------
Moderator's Note: One thing I really enjoy is how sometimes, the more
you guys explain things the more the answer seems to be
something different from every perspective. It reminds me of the
saying, "Hearing both sides of the story usually only convinces you
there must be more than two sides." As for hypnagogic methods, all
the stuff I've seen Joe doing on camera is totally wide awake, as
much or moreso as CRV, often in the midst of conversation. Maybe at
one time in the unit he did that, or maybe he still does sometimes,
but I don't think I'd categorize him as that. Of course, maybe for
Joe an altered state is his regular state so one just never knows the
difference. ;-) -- PJ

Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 23:31:56 -0400
From: "Thomas E. Carey" <tomcarey@mindspring.com>
Subject: RE: [VWR] RV with children

At 10:12 AM 4/23/98 +0200, Monika wrote:

>...had a strange experience with my 12 year old son
>He is a very intelligent and very emotional child. He knows
>and senses a lot of things. \snip\ ... he really surprises us
>with the insights he has about the world and people.
>I am also not sure whether to continue letting him do RV.

Now that he has experienced this, I wonder if anyone could prevent
it if he chose to do it.

.From his mobility and clarity =out there=, and apparent recognition
and tolerance of things you didn't see, there may not be any
reason to worry about him.

Tom Carey

Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 16:55:20 +0200
From: "Liam" <liam@zmatrix.com>
Subject: [VWR] Spooks in RV

> It's like - don't you think that your subconscious should
> 'know' what you are 'thinking' - not just what you're 'asking'?
> It 'feels' like it's a lot more disconnected that you would like to
> think. Anyone else notice this?


>>Yes, someone has. Which brings up the question...what part does
>>'spook assistance' play in RV. The need for precision in tasking,
>>IMHO smacks of a channeling (horrors!) aspect. Although I should be
>>content with the knowledge that RV works, I'm still compelled to
>>find the origin of the info. "I gots ta know!" If not spooks,
>>perhaps some sort of accessing of Akashic Records (requiring Dewey
>>Decimal precision)??? I would love to hear what long-time RV'ers
>>have surmised from their experiences.
>> Kopfjaeger

Hi Greg, Headhunter and all;

Liam here; In answer to your question Greg, I think the subconscious
(SC) lives in an environment where it has access to all information.
It therefore tends to be literal not abstract. If you have ever
watched a viewer trying to de-code an ideogram for sand dunes or a
glacier (soft land or hard water) you have noticed the difficulty the
SC has in communicating with the conscious. I think the process is
just as difficult going the other way, when the conscious tries to
communicate with the SC.

I have been doing RV for awhile and as a result I have gotten to know
my SC pretty well. I think my SC is arrogant, but not without a
sense of humor. My SC thinks I am untalented, dense, and insensitive
and wonders what it did in a previous life to make Creator tie it to
me in this one. Example: I was having difficulty de-coding a site.
The site was an oddly shaped, man-made structure, constructed of
natural material. After taking the coordinates again, and again, and
again, I had managed to thoroughly frustrate myself and my SC.
Finally I got a spontaneous ideogram which was the exact shape of the
site. Then my SC drew a right angle directly over the ideogram. I
heard this tiny, frustrated voice in the back of my mind saying
"There, even a dumb, thick headed Mick like you ought to be able to
figure that out."

As to where the information comes from, the answer is simple. It
comes from magic. That works for me. every morning I get up, put on
a tie and go to work. I do not think how I tie the tie. One morning
I thought I would try and make the knot a little neater. I tried to
figure out how I had been tying my tie all these years. Well...... I
wore a turtleneck to work that day.

You asked about spooks, I assume you mean ghosties and ghoulies and
not the kind of spooks who wear ties (or turtlenecks) and work for
the government. At the risk of offending some former colleagues and
others, I am going to guess that 95 percent of us get our information
from the cosmic library in the ether relayed to us by our SC. The
other five percent work spook assisted. This MUST be a deliberate
choice on the part of the viewer. You must ask the spirits for help,
or accept their help when it is offered. IMO this is dangerous. As
any dumb Mick knows; there are good spirits, bad spirits and
in-between spirits. And even good spirits may have their own agenda.
The "little people:" are famous for telling the truth to people, but
telling it in such away that it is misinterpreted and results in
mischievous results and just general bad luck.

I tend to be real careful in dealing with the spirit world. Spirits
are a lot like your unemployed brother-in-law. Once you invite them
in, you can have the devil of a time getting them to leave.

If you do not believe in spirits, then do not read what I just wrote.

may the force be with you

- ----------------
Moderator's Note: I am saving up, you see, these great ideas. I am
eventually going to open up something like "PJ's Instant Expert
Seminar For Crystal-based Channeled Remote Viewing!" You think I
am joking.... -- PJ

Date: Thu, 23 Apr 1998 23:29:34 -0400
From: "Thomas E. Carey" <tomcarey@mindspring.com>
Subject: Re: [VWR]-Digest: V2 #76

>>PJ wrote:
>>> At this point there is quite a bit of (empirical, of course)
>>> evidence documented by investigators in the field,
>>>particularly in the case children remembering great detail
>>>about lives spent (as adults)

Joe McM. replied:
>... Of course, one of the reasons for addressing overseas cases
>versus United States cases is because there is more control
>over the "kids (subjects)" exposure to news and culture, and
>these cultures already focus on the material as part of their social
>heritage, hence the case studies, materials and information collected,
>are somewhat cleaner or come from earlier in the subject's life.
>... Hence the publication of "Where Reincarnation and Biology
>Intersect"--which represents only an extract of his research--
>but one accessible to us poor folk. Dr. Stevenson's work is actually
>monumental and will probably stand for decades as a significant
>marker in the area of reincarnation.

Last year I ran across another "accessible" book on this subject --

"Children's Past Lives," by Carol Bowman.
(Bantam, 1997. ISBN 0-553-10184-6)

The author references others who have studied this, including Stevenson
of course, but most of the book has to do with her own work with young
children, principally in the U.S.

BTW Bowman says some very interesting answers may come up when
a person the child trusts asks, "What was it like before you were little?"

Tom Carey

Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 01:18:35
From: "Paul H. Smith" <phsmith@rviewer.com>
Subject: Re: [VWR]-Digest: V2 #74


At 10:14 AM 4/23/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Come on guys! Your comments imply that someone can't avoid AOL in an
>ERV mode of operation. If I'm supposed to be doing ERV (at least
>that's what everyone has been calling it but me) then, that is just
>not true. Also, are you guys implying that AOL "almost never happens"
>in the CRV mode? That would be just a wee bit over the top for me.

I'm sure Liam and Gene will both weigh in on this one (unless they decide
they're happy with how I handle it! Hah--not likely...). Being Irish,
they just "overstated" (an acceptable synomym for "blarney"?) their point a
little. As any of my CRVer colleagues and students will admit, AOL is only
too common in CRV. The point of CRV is that it provides a technique for
acknowledging and expelling AOL (Joe knows all this stuff already; just
going over it for the benefit of others reading these posts who don't).
This technique does not, of course, work 100% (nothing does)--but when
faithfully done, works quite well. As far as AOL in ERV is concerned,
according to my own experiences and those of the dozen or so other viewers
I'm familiar with, plus lots of reading in the archives, it does seem that
AOL is a bit more difficult to deal with/avoid in ERV. I theorize that
this may be so because guided visualization seems to be more necessary to
"get around" in ERV than in CRV. At any rate more active monitor
interaction with the viewer seems to be required, which can spark or
enhance AOL--though for some operational sessions this can be pretty
significant in a CRV session as well.

To answer a different e-mail exchange about AOL which I might as well
include here: As a general rule, visuals are bad--especially if they are
bright, sharply focused, and static. When encountered, these almost
certainly are AOL. There are visuals that are more benign (especially when
encountered later in a session), but it takes practice to sort these out.

Oh, well. Thought I'd muddy the waters still further...


- -----------
Moderator's Note: On the paint-by-number chart, "visuals are bad" is
#7, for those trying to make an eventual decipherable picture out of
CRV. -- PJ, the humorous yet cynical yet joking yet not, really.

Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 20:36:32 +0100
From: MaryD <Ladyley@innerlightuk.u-net.com>
Subject: Re: [VWR]-Digest: V2 #78

At 15:14 22/04/98 -1000, Yaana wrote:

>As for "spooks" as you call them, I have more than a passing
>acquaintance with them, even have an aura photo of one, that help me
>when I work with people. They do not show up when I RV.

Hi, Yaana, I have found exactly the same. My helpers had nothing to
do with RV. It seems I needed to prove to myself that *I* was doing
it, not them. Now I have, they have offered me a monitor
occasionally, should I wander off, or miss the point. It will be
interesting to see how this works.

>I have noticed that my discipline in RV
>has enhanced the spiritual counseling work I do with others.

I agree entirely. I have found much the same. I think we are widening
the aperture of perception, through using the various forms of
spiritual and psychic work. Another discipline which fits nicely into
this is Image Streaming. It uses a similar technique of describing
exactly in great detail everything you see etc. IS enhances RV. RV
enhances IS. They both enhance spiritual and psychic work.

In Friendship and Light. MaryD

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