[VWR]-Digest: V2 #90

Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 21:50:53 -0500
From: Craig Hogan <rchogan@rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu>
Subject: [VWR] Target Sites

To All:

I'm very interested in developing my RV skills, but the sites that
have RV targets seem to be suffering from terminal lethargy. Target
number codes are up forever without any feedback on results of My
ideal site would have three components: (1) dozens of target number
codes with instant access to the target images to self-check results,
(2) a refereed page using the CRV scoring system or some Is there
such a site anywhere? Would anyone be willing to put one up? If
several people were willing to put up sites and share the work, we
could have enough targets to satisfy our needs. I'm willing to put
one up. My current home page is at

Craig Hogan

- -----------------
Moderator's Note: Craig, have you overlooked the target area on
Firedocs, the web site that supports this email group? Granted I
haven't updated it in awhile. But I have dozens of target #'s along
with photos online to check feedback as soon as you like. I have
general instructions there. (Detailed instructions, get training.)
I have hundreds more targets ready, I only lack time. I have other
stuff ready to go online for a general scoring system for CRV and
worksheet etc. Although, scoring shouldn't matter too much to
brand new Viewers, you should be way more interested in your senses
and development than some final score, and all numbers in this area
are arbitrary anyway. But if you want a good example of databaseable
scoring, visit CRV instructor Lyn Buchanan's page at
http://www.crviewer.com/ and visit the Q&A section,
there's some detail notes on scoring there which should be what
you're looking for. As for a web site that allows Viewers to enter
their info, then get their feedback, and have their entries
registered, there is one of those coming (some programming
required), not my site but another.... it'll probably be at least
six months though. -- PJ
Firedocs Remote Viewing:

Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 20:40:01 -0400
From: David Pursglove <74434.351@compuserve.com>
Subject: Re: [VWR] Past Life Memories?

>While it would appear there are only a few, I would add that his
>examples are taken from literally thousands of varified and
>documented cases which Ian has studied over a near 30 year period,
>most of which have been published in an academic multi-volume set
>consisting of a few thousand pages.<

Yea verily! I knew about that, but didn't want to get anyone's dander up
(again <g>) by stepping past any but the most irrefutable data.

Yep, three cheers for Ian Stevenson!!!

- -=d=-

Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 20:40:04 -0400
From: David Pursglove <74434.351@compuserve.com>
Subject: [VWR] Shamans & RV

>I have the deepest respect , awe, and a lot of envy, for those who
>have the ability to use shamanistic RV. They have been involved in
>this magic for thousands of years. They certainly have more
>knowledge in this arena then we late coming westerners. What I
>object to is the equating of shamanistic RV to drug induced RV to
>justify an argument for using drugs to enhance RV.<

I know you said at the top of this message that you didn't want to
start up the drug thread again. . .

[Moderator's Note: I don't either D! Hint! -- PJ]

BUT. . .what you just said is again a misrepresentation of the
position I took and the discussion about it. Kind of a straw man, I
think. If you go back to my 2/27 email about this where I was *VERY*
specific about what I thought might bear looking into -- only that!!
- -- you'll see my point, I'm sure.

The largest of the straw men you hurl forth in the above is the plain
implication that *all* such "drugs" have the same effects on the awareness
of the user, typically that of either stupefaction or generally reducing or
distracting the user's perceptiveness. This is patently not so as anyone
who's ever used 3-4methelynedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) can attest. This
last substance is not in any shamanic pharmacopeia that I know about, since
it wasn't even synthesized in a lab until 1914. And it wasn't discovered
to have any psychoactive properties until the early '70s by
psychopharmacologist, Sasha Shulgin.

It was *this* compound and possibly one of its close relatives in the
phenethylamine family I was suggesting RVers might design a careful
experiment around. This substance does modify consciousness but in the
direction of *greater* acuity and particularly empathy. Thus my suggestion
that it might -- just *might* -- be efficacious in 20th century,
non-shamanic RVing.

- -=d=-

[Moderator: I once again enter this fray due to finding it very hard to
stand on the side while someone makes statements about these matters that
not only emerge from a dearth of information and experience, but also
tacitly endorse the absurd war on *some* drugs waged by the panicky (and
also ill-informed) FDA, DEA, BATF, etc. -- not to mention the bimboid
pronouncements of Nancy Reagan.]

- ----------------
Moderator's Note: Fine, you've a right to make your point or correct
implications. But could we have fewer "hurling forths" and so on,
for the sake of everyone remaining civil? Please? Thanks. -- PJ

Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 13:10:46 -0500
From: Craig Hogan <rchogan@rs6000.cmp.ilstu.edu>
Subject: [VWR] Matthew Riell's targets

To All:

I tried three of Matthew Riell's targets at http://www.remoteviewing.org/.

I nailed the first one 90%, then was completely wrong on the next
two. But my impressions were very clear about the two that were
wrong. Has anyone else worked with these targets? With what succes
Craig Hogan

- ----------------
Moderator's Note: One of the funniest session results I saw was from
a member of the general public who was going through the targets on
my Firedocs web site. On one target he had this sense of this deep
hole, of people above it wandering around, looking down, looking for
something. Turns out I had messed up and that target # didn't HAVE a
target assigned to it. Who says RV doesn't get "symbology?!" -- PJ

Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 18:19:19 +0200
From: Liam <liam@zmatrix.com>
Subject: [VWR] Flexible Ingo?

>Hi Liam, I`m very surprised that Ingo Swann`s rule no 1. should be
>so be so inflexible coming from a man i believe to be quite the
>opposite. have a nice day

Hi Mark and all;

I dearly love Ingo. The man is genius. He is insightful,
multi-talented, man for all seasons. He is also a sweet, caring,
sensitive, decent human being. Although I have not seen him for many
years, I still consider him my friend and we do occasionally
correspond. If you notice all the words I used to describe Ingo did
not include the word flexible.

Mark, I have been through basic training twice, Jump School, Ranger
School, and OCS. I spent four (maybe more, I forget) years in High
School being taught by the Brothers of Saint Patrick. I think I am an
expert on inflexible instructors and Ingo is as rigid as they come.
If you were going to learn the CRV he invented, then you would learn
it right. And right was Ingo's way.

Of course Mark, my viewpoint might be influenced by the fact I am
Irish. We Irish are noted for being flexible, open minded, eager to
avoid fights, and without a stubborn bone in our bodies. In fact, I
bet you have commented to a loved one several times "Boy, that Gene
and Liam are sure flexible, open minded, and take criticism so well.
I bet they are Irish." In fact if Gene and I were any more flexible
we would be flaccid.

May the force be with you

Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 18:20:23 +0200
From: Liam <liam@zmatrix.com>
Subject: [VWR] More on AOLs

>Then are you saying that one must learn to desipher correct visuals
>from incorrct visuals pluse open to the other five senses. Are
>there AOLs in the other five senses?

Hi John;

Liam here. Good observation. IMO, and IMO only, Stage 2 is full of them; for example

sound like roaring thunder
smell like a pile of dead fish
taste like old shoes
texture like a bowl of snot

I tend to give these type AOLs more credibility than other AOLs
accruing this early in the session. The first time you experience
some sensoraries (is that a good word?) the only way to describe them
is by relating them to something you know. So a smell like a pile of
dead fish is not saying there are dead fish at the site, just that
there is a smell there that reminds the viewer of he pile etc.

May the force be with you

Date: Sun, 3 May 1998 13:33:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: shelley thomson <sthomson@netcom.com>
Subject: Re: [VWR] Spooks in RV

On Mon, 27 Apr 1998, Curran2106 wrote:

> Check out ancentry and tradtions...NOBODY and I mean NOBODY
> (except may Walt Disney) have ever allueded to the fact that wee
> people, fairies or Leprachauns are "nice"..They can be very very
> nsaty when they want to be...Evoking or calling upon the wee people
> for assistance is NEVER EVER NEVER done in Ireland...

I agree. Leprechauns are powerful earth spirits, whose behavior is
unpredictable. They should be let alone.

Shelley Thomson

Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 06:18:07 EDT
From: USPsiSquad <USPsiSquad@aol.com>
Subject: Re: [VWR] Silva on RV

To add to the facts on the use of psi in Oil Company dowsing, it is a
fact that for a good many years, the talents of Ron Warmoth of L.A.
have been in demand for locating oil as well as miinerals, etc.
Ron's services were used during the North Slope exploration.

For one Company, he successfully located 25 wells, only one a
'duster' and his comment was "I told them to go deeper than that".
Some of his work was included in the NBC special Hidden Treasure in 96. It
involved (that time) the location of pink tourmaline (often more expensive
than diamonds) in a tourmaline mine, on camera, live, and still on camera, 22
strokes of a mining pick exposed a cache of - guess what - pink tourmalines,
in the last place they'd have been expected, one of the supporting pillars of
the mine.

Some of you may have seen that episode. ?

Although he considers himself some sort of 'dowser', having observed
his work for a good many years I can verify that he is a viewer.

Bevy J

PS: he is, to date, the only psi operative to be featured in Newsweek

- -----------------
Moderator's Note: Really? I coulda sworn that both Time and Newsweek
once ran articles on RV that included McMoneagle. Guess my memory is
slipping.... more media there than brain cells here. :-) -- PJ

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