[VWR]-Digest: Thursday, May 7 1998 Volume 02 : Number 092

Date: Sun, 03 May 1998 19:44:40 -0400
From: "Thomas E. Carey" <tomcarey@mindspring.com>
Subject: Re: [VWR] Innate RV Ability

At 12:44 PM 4/27/98 EDT, Gene wrote:
> We, as the most current ruling hominid on this planet all have
>essentially the same inherent abilities and capabilities to do
>anything anyone else can...The difference between us is defined
>only by the amount of training and education we receive....

I do think there are individual differences among us, possibly neurological, who knows, but the _most_ important differences are in our _agreements_ about how the world is put together, how it works, how we relate to it, what is real, what isn't real. Some folks are stuck with agreements (call them beliefs, same thing) that they can't do this or that, including anything that would remotely be considered psychic. That doesn't mean they _can't_ - -- it means they _won't_. It's just not part of their world. Others may not have that particular hangup, and can learn this stuff like grass growing in a field...


>However, if you taught yourself to drive a car on a John Deere
>tractor...it does not qualify you for the Indy-500 does it...

Of course not. I wasn't knocking training, from all I can make out RV training works, often very well, sometimes unbelievably well. I simply pointed out that there are untrained naturals. I would imagine even they could use some help with AOL's, etc. Tom Carey

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Moderator's Note: Sure. Some of the most useful points of CRV for example are just things that have been well known to pro lab psychics for a long time, or things learned at SRI; Ingo folded that into the methods he compiled as well as a lot of other stuff. The communications aspect is tremendously useful -- not only for RV but even when applied to analyzing one's own daily functioning. -- PJ

Date: Mon, 04 May 1998 01:55:03 -0700
From: Rick Lucertini <empiricus@sprint.ca>
Subject: Re: [VWR] Does Sexual Energy Enhance Psi?

> In a message dated 98-04-26 22:34:27 EDT, you write:
> >could it be that sexual energy enhances remote viewing?

Hello, One and All:

Since we live in a day and age where sexuality is treated lightly
with little regard for the sanctity of human bonding, I should like
to present what may be the sole, truly scientific, and certainly,
respectful contribution to this issue.

Beginning with Mr. Curran's self effacing post . . .

> Curran2106 wrote:
> Before this conversation gets out of hand..

Right one or left one? Whose hand? Tight or loose grip [e.g.: G.I.
Joe or Liberace in fatigues]? If remote viewed: phantom hand?

> I would like to remind
> everyne that I am one of (if not the) most famous Monitors in the
> business so if anyone is going to practice or verify the concepts of
> sexuality involved in Remote VIewing it would be wise to use the best
> Remotev Viewing Monitor in the business....

INHERENT CONTRADICTION: this man is Irish. Only viewers with genetic
origins in Romance countries [strongest sex chakras] permitted as
experimental subjects. Black Irish notwithstanding. An aside:
perhaps the Viewing Monitor referred to is the hidden camera in the
men's latrine?

Further to the subject: Remote Viewing is not to be taken lightly
[merely, shaken, stirred or stroked]. This is a highly technical

God claims that He made only one mistake in the Creation of Man,
[probably at 23h59'59" on the Saturday night just prior to His well
needed rest]: adequate blood flow. Apparently, whilst remote viewing
or monitoring, a redirection of blood flow to certain areas of the
brain occurs. The supply is more than adequate for the viewing task.
Conversely [literally], to facilitate procreation, blood flow to the
male genitals is also more than adequate. The error has to do with
the shunt installed between a viewer/monitor's brain and his penis.

Apparently, blood flow is directed to either the viewer's brain or
his penis, but not both at the same time. Which leads to our first
corollary: remote viewing and sex are mutually exclusive. If A = B &
B = C, then A = C. N'est-ce-pas? Gene's blood flow is in his head
whilst monitoring, therefore his Rubber Whip is helpless, therefore,
it must remain inactive. Failed experiment. A limp excuse, indeed.

Empirically, it's well documented that a man is not capable of using
his brain and his penis at the same time. Ergo, he cannot be
expected to remote view with an erection. The more powerful his
Kundalini, the less his ability to remote view/monitor. Gene is well
documented as an excellent remote viewer. Ergo . . .

This, in fact, leads us, by default, to an apparent second corollary:
the more limp Mr. Happy is, the better the viewing/monitoring

This is where it gets interesting. Quantum contradictions abound in
remote viewing and here is no exception.

Allow me to play Devil's Advocate [I'm more or less Catholic, so I
can do that]. Let us adopt David Pursglove's admonition, for the
moment, that experimenting with substances that may contribute to a
better understanding of the remote viewing process be encouraged.

By Gene's own admission, the only state altering substance he
subscribes to is booze. Using this experimental model, let's get him
shi . . . um, drunk. Given that a man's Love Missile is deactivated
in the presence of alcohol, it should remain limp, regardless of his
fantasies about Pru. Implied: his remote viewing skills should,
theoretically, be outstanding, since every last drop of blood should
be shunted to his brain, allowing for excellent monitoring.

Yet, booze and remote viewing do not mix. We know this empirically,
as well.

ABSTRACT: Gene is an excellent monitor. Gene's One-eyed Snake should be flat due to intake of alcohol. Excitation of Kundalini should be contraindicated for good monitor performance.
INFERENCE: Booze is good for viewing/monitoring.
IMPLICATION: Gene's monitoring results should go off the scale.
INFERENCE: Viewing/monitoring and excitement of sex Chakra should be mutually exclusive due to faulty shunt.
EVIDENCE: Viewing/monitoring results are actually poor during alcoholic excesses.
PARENTHETICALLY: No blood in the brain and no blood in the penis. Where the hell does it go? He shouldn't be breathing.
CONVERSELY: The harder the Passion Pump, the better the monitor.
INFERENCE: Gene's Purple Pounder should be at attention during good monitoring performances. Kundalini intimately related to good viewing/monitoring.
EVIDENCE: Gene is an excellent monitor.
PREMISE: Gene is Irish and is not suitable as an experimental subject.
ERGO: Gene is Italian. Kundalini sounds Italian. Good match.


Love ya . . .

Rick Lucertini
Vancouver, Canada

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Moderator's note: Rick! Your contribution shocked me! Not much
does these days. Read the whole thing with my mouth open in
surprise.... I assume list members are adults.... -- PJ

Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 09:04:32 -0400
From: "Joseph W. McMoneagle" <mceagle@zmatrix.com>
Subject: [VWR] Spiritualism.

I think we may want to be very careful how we polorize on this issue.

One of the interesting things that I noticed very early on in my
experiences, was the fact that a great deal of effort "was" being made to
separate the spiritual from the scientific.

Of course for a thousand years, we (humankind) have gone to great
extents to rip the two apart and quantify them as separate issues or
separate subjects--at least for study. A deal was struck very early
on, which guarranteed the "church" would stay in its corner on
certain spiritual issues, and "science" would stay in its corner for
those issues of a more secular or of earthy interest. The two would
leave one another alone and there would be no more burning people at
the stake, confiscation of lands and property, torture, or mass
murders by either side.

Well, the problem is that Humankind (men, women, and probably to some
degree, a few within the animal kingdom) are essentially dual by
nature--which simply means we are mystical or spiritual as well as pragmatic
and thinking. So, the scientific and spiritual sides of our nature can no
more be separate, one from the other, than our bodies can be split down the

So...study of the paranormal has the unfortunate or fortunate effect
of bringing both to the front door where we have to deal with them as
a package.

In fact, some of us are originally driven to study the paranormal (to
include RV) because we have an intense desire to learn more about this
interaction between our spiritual and pragmatic side--how they operate
together. Surprisingly, so are quite a few of the scientists I know or have
met over the years.

In my own experience I would be less than truthful if I were to say
that I had not experienced many of the things which you have worked
so hard to eliminate from your own experience. I don't want them to
go away. I feel they are necessary to the process. If some scientists
do not want to discuss them, or you do not want to discuss them,
that's okay. I understand. There are some who feel these issues do
taint RV issue, and specifically the research that goes into it. I
just don't happen to be one of them.

However, I believe that when one is addressing the science of an
issue that is what they should stick to. When they are addressing the
spiritual portions of that issue, then that is what they should stick
to. Or when they choose to address both simultaneously, then that is
what they should stick to. In other words, make it very clear what
one is doing and not waffle everything together in some unclear
hodgepodge which does disservice to both, or either.

I originally joined the Army Program and have spent what feels like
my entire lifetime in it, as a means for discovering more about the
real integration of my spiritual side with my more pragmatic or human
side. Most of what makes me any good at this at all is my greater
understanding for those particulars.

I respect your desire to keep RV out of the spiritual, or vice-versa.
Apparently this has been very destructive to your efforts with your
USPsiSquad. I also respect those scientists who don't have a spiritual bone
in their bodies, and try ever so diligently to keep it that way. They do
make valuable contributions to research. However, I don't think I would be
speaking out of turn to say that everyone I ever knew who participated in
the Military Government Program (or other portions of the program) were
effected in a major way spiritually, to include some very life changing or
altering experiences. We just maybe never talk about them because they are

I don't want to ever be perceived as denegrating your work, because
you have the preference not to address the spiritual side of the
issue. So, I would never see this as a question of Right? or wrong.

Warm regards,

>USPsiSquad@aol.com writes:
>We have worked too hard for respectability and rationality

Joseph W. McMoneagle -- IIA, Inc., P.O. Box 100, Nellysford,
Virginia 22958. 804-361-9215 FAX: 804-361-9056

"Courage is the best Slayer." Thus Spake Zarathustra, XLVI--The
Vision and the Enigma; Friedrich Nietzsche (pub. 1917)

Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 09:35:59 +0000
From: "Palyne "PJ" Gaenir" <palyne@zmatrix.com>
Subject: Re: [VWR] Spiritualism

About the spiritualism thing....

Anybody who's read my online case study knows I've had more than my
share of entities, archetypes, and anomalous experience. So it's
impossible for me to pretend I'm unaware of the spiritual aspect of
psi experience, including RV. (Although I can't say I've had weird
experiences during RV.)

I tend to be on the pragmatic side when it comes to discussing RV.
This is partly because it is more difficult to share personal
ineffable experiences in words, and they're better suited to
dissecting the science, history, policy and procedure of things.

It's also because a couple of self-titled "Experts" in this field
have done a huge amount of public/media damage with obsessions that
IMO are not entirely sane (and for the record they are often wildly
inaccurate concerning the RV part itself), so I try to balance a
little of that by being very firmly rooted to the mundane ground.

I don't want people looking into RV to think it consists of asking
entities for answers. However, if the person asking is doing it
within RV protocol -- meaning double blind, properly tasked, et al --
then that could, in fact, qualify. But people new to RV usually don't
realize it is a science protocol; they think it is a "thing" defined
by psychic methods (which many call 'protocols'), and as such,
hearing the above would mean the method was: you talked to entities.

That is -- at least in CRV et al -- just not so. It's about a
zillion miles from being so. CRV is probably the most down to earth,
pragmatic approach to psi I've ever seen.

I also don't want the topics like psychic sex, psychic vampires and
attacks, malevolent entities, etc. etc. to skew the impression that
people new to RV who may join this list receive.

In a world full of this stuff, it apparently exists. My PSI email
group is probably a better place for discussing such things.

These experiences may be related to psi, and as such, may be
related to the practice of RV, if one becomes more perceptive about
that kind of thing as a result of personal development.

But it has nothing to do with RV itself. RV is a reasonably
practical intuitive practice of 'allowing and communicating
impressions about' (and hopefully some details of) a target that is
blind to the Viewer, to the monitor, and which has been properly
selected and tasked by some other party. Anomalous targets and
spontaneous experiences are cool -- but they are not usually RV
themselves. People serious about RV are able to acknowledge the
difference, and usually try not to portray them in the same light.

If somebody wants to put some bizarre spell on you, or entities want
to talk with you, that has nothing to do with RV. That has to do
with what some call magick. If you want to study magick, I can refer
you to areas and groups that provide some education about that
subject. I've had quite a bit of education about it myself. RV
training itself does not address such things because they are not
part of RV. Period.

If somebody wants to have psychic sex with you -- or if you would
like to try this with someone else -- my number is (just kidding).
No, seriously: RV is not the place for that. It may be psychic
either in origin or in experience, and if you do enough RV, chances
are you're going to have some kind of interesting experiences (in
life, as a result of practicing psi perception, as well as in
session) that move you. Whatever those may be.

But this list is primarily for the education of the public and psi
methods students regarding remote viewing. So I feel obliged to
point out, especially for people new to the list, some of these
conversations are a little wild and hairy (anything related to Gene
is likely to be that <g>), and this stuff has a place in psi
experience and should be taken seriously, but it is not, itself, a
part of "remote viewing" per se. It is not part of the RV protocol
(science rules) and it is not part of the methods (CRV et al).

Depending on your development and awareness, it may be part of your
_experience._ But psychism, spirituality, metaphysics are one thing;
they are worth conversation but it should be clearly aimed at that.
Science and pragmatic approaches to psi are another; they are usually
what we discuss here, but the list isn't limited to that. As long as
people don't start mixing the two areas (to the detriment of both and
ANY clear thinking IMO) I think addressing both areas on the list
would be real interesting. But the conservative response to
"entities" et al may make it difficult to talk about without some
tempers showing.


Palyne Janku Gaenir
VWR List Owner

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