This album is dedicated to my son, Avery Hogan, who painted the cover art. I admire Avery Bravery (our family name for him) more than I can say. A few years ago he was deathly ill. Avery was patient, stoical, nice to the nurses, sweet, funny and above all courageous. The beauty and attentiveness he gives to the world, which this painting shows, and which is the way that Avery was inside, even as a kid, is what I want to share with you. Everybody knows what "free as a bird" means. Birds spread their wings. That is, they manifest their potential, revealing themselves as they are. Birds open up and surrender to the ubiquitous, limitless air and sky. For humans, it's the same, only with love. Thanks, Avery, for being you.

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What We Have Here Tonight The River, The Sea The Bridge Across I Want To Get Back Winter Healing In The Hands Of Time Free Will Tu Es Mon Esprit So Taken In Edges Of The Moon I Am That Love Old Quebec What I Love About Rain Sky High

A heartfelt thank you to my producer, Sam Weedman, who also played on most of this CD, John Tirro, who co-produced two tracks, the friends who put the cover together, Lauren Kilbourn (typing), Julie Schroeder-Rust (layout) and Sam Weedman (chart copies).

And to the friends whose incredible musicianship, co-writing, and loving support are all over this project: Kris Wilkinson, John Tirro, Bob Teesdale, Cynthia Emmets, Russel Targ, Joni Bishop, Tom Kimmel, John Miller, Lynn Langham, Karen Taylor-Good, Jamey Whiting, Dale Armstong, Bobby King, David Burch, Vicki Carrico, Mike Williams, Layne Brooks, Jim Stephens, Melissa Javors, John Mock, David Burch, John Catchings and thanks -- did I mention our best co-writer and session leader? God.

Produced and engineered by Sam Weedman; except for "Sky High" and "I Want to Get Back", produced and engineered by John Tirro and Sam Weedman. * Recorded at Samurai Studios * Mastered by Dale Lott. * Cover Art by Avery Hogan * Design and Layout: Julie Schroeder-Rust * Photo: Tom Rawson.

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