A nifty crowbar for prying creativity loose.
-- Pat Pattison, faculty, Berklee College of Music, and author of Writing Better Lyrics

Lisa is one of my very favorite co-writers. Her brilliant mind leads us to strange and wonderful places. I have used many of her 1000 Songwriting Ideas in my songwriting classes.
-- Karen Taylor-Good, songwriter

Aside from her ability to craft intelligent, witty, and warm lyrics and storylines, Lisa has a musician's integrity for creating beautiful melodies and chord structures. Lisa's songs are "ear candy."
-- Don Jones, songwriter and national finger-style guitar champion

It all starts with an idea! From melodies to lyrics, great songs need great ideas to spark the creative energy that will help you write your next big hit. 1000 Songwriting Ideas is a handy book of creative exercises that stop writer's block and turn your imagination into a powerful songwriting machine. The book offers a thousand concepts to ponder as starting points for lyric and melody writing, along with some of the most provocative and inspirational examples you may encounter anywhere. These proven exercises move the lyrical self, stir the melodic soul, and give you the power to be the creative songwriter you've always wanted to be.

Published by Hal Leonard Corporation, May 2008.
ISBN-10: 1423454405
ISBN-13: 978-1423454403

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