Thanks to my producer-of-miracles, Sam Weedman. Thanks to Melissa Javors and Larry Joba for your bountiful and beauteous typing, and Jamey Whiting for your chart copies. Thanks to my dear and wonderful co-writers, John Smith, Michael Johnson, Janey Street, Karen Taylor-Good, John Tirro, Joni Bishop, Jamey Whiting, Danny Timms, Rick Beresford, Tom Kimmel, Todd Cerney and Henry Hipkens. Thanks to my many other musical mentors, co-writers and well-wishers and the beloved players and singers on this album.

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Un Corazon Lleno De Amor When I've Got The Moon All In The Line Of Love Wild Blue Yonder Walkin' My Baby Home If I Fell From Grace Peace Of The River Give Me Some Love Tonight I Hear The Cosmos Sing One Mile Apart It's A Good Thing Walk Between Raindrops Wild Blossoms

Thanks to the advance purchasers and believers, especially Camp CALM and Roland's Camp, Harry Remmers, Russell Targ, Ben Tomeo, Jim Lewin, Roger Edwards, Candy Paull, Pat Harbeson, Keri Moore, my kids, David and Lynne Alexander, and yes, Michael Bransfield, who led me to believe that having my own CD was not out of the question.

The help I have had with this project has been staggering and humbling. Thank you, my friends, for your love and support, your vast generosity with your time, your talents, your money, and your encouragement. I believe God must have wanted me to make this album, persisting over my unimportant obstacles and needless fears. Music can do to us what God does: to "en-coeur-age" us, (to put the heart in), and to be compassionate ("co-passionate") with us. So for the compassion and encouragement I experienced in making these songs, I thank God, as well as you all.

God may love physics, but it's obvious to me that God loves music. And me.

Produced by Sam Weedman * Recorded at Samurai Studios * Mastered by Dale Lott
Cover Art by Lisa Aschmann and Richard Halstead
Design and Layout: Julie Schroeder-Rust * Photo: Alex Call
© 1999 Lisa Aschmann

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