Lyrics to Songs by Lisa Aschmann (and co-writers)
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All For You
A Kiss For No Reason
Love Is All About You
Don't Forget To Dream
Lullaby For David
The Answers To It All
Water Over Stone
The Pear
Much Less
Heart's Home
Close Your Eyes
The Sky Is A Sea

The Unexpected
Just See If I Don't
The Spiral Arms
Homesick For New York
'Till The Cows Come Home
Lovin' My Baby Tonight
Slow Hurry
Man Of My Dreams
Happy People
He Must Have Been Thinking Of You
What Evolves

Easy To Love
Little Birds
You Sexy Dog
Orange Blossoms
Loving You Alone
Swing City
Ain't We Great?
Until It Happens To You
I Want To Be In Love
'Til They Discovered Music
Great Minds Think Alike

Silver & Gold
What Joy
Has Anyone Ever Called You By Your Right Name
Planet Or A Star
Shifting Sands Of Time
Lookin' For A Man Who Can Stand His Ground
No Summer Storm
Seven Sisters
Wind Moans Under The Door
That's What Tomorrow Is For
Lord, I'm Ready Now
Blossoms On The Almond Tree

Sky High
What I Love About Rain
Old Quebec
I Am That Love
Edges Of The Moon
So Taken In
Tu Es Mon Esprit
Free Will
Healing In The Hands Of Time
I Want To Get Back
The Bridge Across
The River, The Sea
What We Have Here Tonight

Wild Blossoms
Walk Between Raindrops
It's A Good Thing
One Mile Apart
I Hear The Cosmos Sing
Give Me Some Love Tonight
Peace Of The River
If I Fell From Grace
Walkin' My Baby Home
Wild Blue Yonder
All In The Line Of Love
When I've Got The Moon
Un Corazon Lleno De Amor

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