Here I am, a singer/songwriter with no chops, small means, and an artistic jones a mile wide, getting magnificent help AGAIN, on my 6th CD. Thanks, to God, to you, my friends, for making it possible. Thanks to Paul Merriman and to Russell Targ for having the heart and the wisdom to fund this, and thanks to my producer and friend Sam Weedman.

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The Sky Is A Sea Close Your Eyes Heart's Home Much Less The Pear Water Over Stone The Answers To It All Lullaby For David Don't Forget To Dream Love Is All About You A Kiss For No Reason Rainbow All For You

And thanks to my awesome co-writers: John Smith, Tom Kimmel, Bryan White, John Tirro, Nancy Conescu, Mark Simos, Everett Brown, and John Haley-Walker; the great musicians, Julie Adams and John Mock, Jim Lewin, Jeff Lisenby, Sam Weedman -- all over this -- and my co-writers, Mark Simos, Tom Kimmel, Bryan White, and Nancy Conescu who also played guitars and John Tirro who played keys. You guys were -- are -- wonderful. Special thanks to the great Don Hart who wrote lead sheets out for two tunes for three parts apiece. YES! Thanks to, I am honored to say, my dear friends, Nancy Conescu and John Tirro who traveled to Sam's just to sing their brilliant background vocals. Thanks to Doug Wayne for beyond-the-call mastering and thanks to Julie Rust and Rusty Rust for the cover art. They made it from a painting of mine and a pear they bought at the grocery store. It was good eating, too!

This project is intended to soothe and comfort adults. More than anything that's what I want these songs to say and to be: relaxed, secure, love songs. In a climate of hyper-arousal, of jaded senses and advertising constantly trying to get our attention, I'm interested in providing the opposite experience. No, I'm not trying to put you to sleep. But, if you benefit from some of what's in my heart, I'll be happy. To coin a phrase, it's "all for you".

Produced and Engineered by Sam Weedman
Mastered by Doug Wayne
© 2003 Lisa Aschmann

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