My dear friend, Russell Targ, once said that I was a generous person, with generous impulses. I would like to return the compliment, and say that it fits him as well, and that's my highest value and favorite compliment. Thanks to Russell and to all the other generous and wonderful musicians and co-writers on this project. Thanks to Jamey Whiting for chart copies, Suzie Benting and Laurel Kilbourn for typing, Pat Bergeson, guitarist and harmonica player extraordinaire, arranger, bandleader -- Thank you!

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Swing City Ain't We Great? Loving You Alone Orange Blossoms You Sexy Dog Little Birds Great Minds Think Alike Lonely Hurricane I Want To Be In Love Til They Discovered Music Easy To Love Until It Happens To You

To Jamey Whiting, my brother of different mothers -- and to other wonderful co-writers: Bill Piburn, Joel Evans, Joyce Woodson, Bob Teesdale, Lisa Miller, Dennis Campagne, Henry Hipkens, Mark Simos, John Miller, Grant Livingston; and musicians Jeff Lisenby and Scott Halgren, who played kyes, and Mike Weber, who made me laugh as well as made his bass hum and kept time, and David Burch, who made me want to dance: THANKS

Thanks to the magnificent horns from Bob Moore: trumpet from Dick Goodwin, trombone from Bruce Clark, and clarinet stupendous from Dough Graham, and for your friendship and encouragement, Dick, which over time has catalyzed my love of swing music, with Rick Dougherty and Bill Piburn and Joel Evans -- you guys are a walking education in jazz. I love you. Thanks to Sam Weedman and Steve Tolson for generous engineering. Also, big thanks to the Evertones: C.J. Watson, Gary Smith, Bruce Baxter, Jeff Gilkinson, Brian Wright, Doc West, and Dale Armstrong, Kevin Kathey, Gary Talley, Rick Gordon, Kevin Ball, and Andrew von Gutfeld, who played this stuff. You da MEN.

Thanks to great artists, Ingo Swann for the cover art and to Julie Rust for design and layout, Rusty for the photos, and thanks to those who have kept my faith in romance alive. Happy Valentines Day, 365 or 24/7.

Producer & Engineer: Sam Weedman. Executive Producer: Russell Targ.
Mastering: Steve Tolson. Cover Art: Ingo Swann
Design and Layout: Julie Rust. Photo: Rusty Rust.
© 2002 Lisa Aschmann

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