I am deeply grateful to the people who put so much love and musicianship into this work: for his loving heart, huge support, and opened mind, thanks to Russell Targ, and to my producer, Jim Nunally, guitarist extraordinaire and mastermind.

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Silver & Gold Blossoms On The Almond Tree Has Anyone Ever Called You By Your Right Name Planet Or A Star Shifting Sands Of Time Lookin' For A Man Who Can Stand His Ground No Summer Storm Seven Sisters Wind Moans Under The Door That's What Tomorrow Is For Lord, I'm Ready Now What Joy

Here's to my brilliant sisters -- and brothers -- in spirit, who introduced me to bluegrass and not-so bluegrass folk music: my dear co-writers -- Mark Simos, Ellen Britton, Holly Tashian; and to the terrific artists featured here:

Kathy Kallick, Amy Stenberg, Carol McComb, Barbara Mendelsohn, Jen Waller, Jim Lewin, Jim Nunally, Keither Little, John Reischman, Greg Spatz. You shine like the Pleiades. Thanks to Richard Fleming and Tom Kimmel, who let their blues and country co-writes get a bluegrass treatment. Thanks to Sam Weedman for chart copies, Larry Joba & Laurel Kilbourn for lyric typing, Julie Rust for layout, Derk Bianchi for mastering, Robert Corwin for his photo day on the Medina.

And especially thanks to my extraordinary daughter, Amelia Hogan, whose art on the cover of this album just scratches the surface of a very, very deep feminine consciousness. What joy!

Produced and engineered by Jim Nunally.
Executive Producer Russell Targ.
© Copyright 2000 Lisa Aschmann.

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