Thanks to God for this CD and for my friends. Thanks to the band: Pat Bergeson: arranger, guitarist; Darryl Dybka: keys; Tommy Gianpietro: drums; Brad Albin: bass -- oo la la -- And to Doug Graham: clarinet; Bruce Clark: trombone; Dick Goodwin: arranger, trumpet; Jamey Whiting: harmony vocals, keys; John Tirro: harmony vocals; David Burch: drums; Mike Weber: bass; Jeff Lisenby: keys.

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The Unexpected He Must Have Been Thinking Of You The Spiral Arms Buzzed Homesick For New York Till The Cows Come Home Lovin' My Baby Tonight Slow Hurry Man Of My Dreams Happy People Just See If I Don't What Evolves

And thanks to my wonderful co-writers: The incomparable Don Jones, John Tirro, Ellen Britton, Joel Evans, Time Taylor, Grant Livingston, Tom Kimmel, Joni Bishop, Doug Blumer, and Sam Weedman -- who doubled as engineer/producer, and mastering master, Steve Tolson. You did a splendid thing and it's obvious that everybody put heart and soul into playing this music. Thanks again.

I'd like to thank Suzie Benting and Laurel Kilbourn for saving my clumsy non-typing bacon, Jamey Whiting for chart copies, Ingo Swann for beautiful cover art, Julie Rust for layout & design of the covers of all of my CD's, and special thanks to Russell Targ, who has great inner vision, and to Rachel and Renee Alexander, who thought I was a star, and so made me one, in their drawings.

Produced and Engineered by Sam Weedman
Executive Producer Russell Targ
© 2002 Lisa Aschmann

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